February 23, 2014

Be a Girl with a Soul. ~ Jenee Gregor

Be the girl who explores the world which is laid beneath her feet.

She notices beautiful things and will never forget to remind you. She’ll smell the rain in the air and hear music unbeknownst to you. She dreams of turquoise waters and cloud forests. She enjoys the chase.

Be a girl who hikes. One that loves endless stretches of tree lined path. She doesn’t complain about the bugs. She has a homemade bug spray in her daypack. She will spark your thoughts. She daydreams about the psyche of the forest as she crunches dead foliage, leading you off paths in search of a prized mushroom.

Become a girl who reads. One who stashes books in her purse so that in moments of waiting she can draw upon the ready information. She loves to expand her mind and imagination. She often has pens in her hair. She scribbles things you never seem to see.

Embody the girl that has an enormous smile plastered on her face as her layers and mildly frizzy curls come your way down the street. It may be a bustling city or just the teeny town with awesome thrift stores. She knows the greatest secrets of all time, most of which aren’t harmful, but are euphoric. She dances to the songs played loudly in her head.

She has chipped fingernails and loose-fitting just about everything. She slinks around that used book store, pawing each title throughout the health, esoteric and mystic section, dallying in the nature and travel departments. She smells faintly of mint and warm love. Smile at her. She loves those.

Be the one who steps up when the old lady can’t open the door. Smile to her when she looks to you. Make polite greetings with a sincere smile—you may have brightened her whole day.

Don’t cheapen your light with insincerity. Be honest with your limits.

Don’t try to be the impresser or tell her vain stories of Babylonian grandeur. Instead, speak of scintillating information, things that obscure the fashion by which pacifies most. When you think to yourself, wow this is really cool, and you are hesitant to bring up this obtuse information that wedges its way into the perfect lines of mores and social norm, that is her bread and butter.

Be more creative. Don’t be afraid to boldly fly your colors and create with your whole self.

Love the woman who enjoys the rain, who understands its purpose and can relish in the divine beauty of earth replenishing itself and the rest it implies. The one that can get clean and dirty in that same rain.

She sees the sexuality in everything. She very much enjoys hers. Don’t deny her of herself.

Most of all, just love her. Make her laugh, cook for her, seduce her. Get some coconut oil and rub her down. Pick up one of her books, read one or two.

Sweat together and breathe together. Embrace one another. Enjoy the softness of your own skin and the scent of your hair. Mind your movements and allow sexiness. You are full, with self and confidence, a strong woman.

Challenge thoughts of unworthiness and allow yourself love.

Allow your soul to shine.

Your alone time is soul time. It’s you and her time. Cherish the depth of yourself and where you chose to feel bliss. It is most definitely okay to find pleasure with the bursting soul and imagination. Be okay. Be okay with being alone, because really you are never alone if you have a soul.

Be that girl with a soul. Be that woman that no matter how tall you are, you feel larger than life. Embrace tinglings and yearning that gather in your subconscious. Be in love with yourself and your soul. Love what you have become and who you are.


Transformation: A Journey To Soul. 

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Editorial Assistant: Celeste Shea/Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Jenee Gregor

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