February 25, 2014

Bend Over & Take It—Sweet Release. ~ Debbie Laughlin

Full Release pose.

There is a beautiful intelligence about surrender—deeply bending.

This intelligence is the same that is found in nature, like the branch of the trees that gives way to the wind, vrksasana. Or the leaves that die only to return back again; it is the act of letting all toxicity go to the way side and to open up a bigger space in our being to heal.

And as we surrender, we go deeper. As we go deeper, we go higher.

You see, the universe has no desire to get caught up in the trivial angst of holding on to negativity—an ignorance that doesn’t align with love. So when we resist the urge to fire off in anger or join in any gossip, and we choose to send love instead of disdain, we rise a bit higher and our bodies respond accordingly.

When the ego, mind and body are happy, there is a much more profound experience in our practice.

When we leave behind the negativity, renouncement shows up. Grace, on a higher level, with better content, and more intelligence, gives rise to our soul.

When we avoid an ugly situation; just cede and let it pass us by, it creates silent contentment—the beautiful padmasana—which equals strength, balance and happiness. Moving, once again, toward betterment.

Surrendering also means there has been advancement in our heart, and when the mind is in full alliance, it shows that an agreement has been made not to give away our precious time and energy to dwell in a lower format.

Advancement coincides with the ability to open.

Once this is understood, try lying down into pigeon, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, and breathe in the sweet surrender.

Everything feels different—This is the mind/body connect at our very core; the inner ability of self control, yoga at its finest.

The practice of surrender is one that extends to all facets of life as we get in touch with the roots of our soul, as we root into mountain, Tadsana, equalizing and liberating judgment, and the outer distractions that we constantly encounter—in essence, it is the essence of mastery of life.

Think about it—when we don’t engage in poison, there is far more room for tolerance and peace. It only makes sense. So when we are not at war with the outside, the body chemistry is lucid, not confused and stiff, and our ability to bend mentally and physically is better, easier and freeing.

So the next time life has a hold of you—get your Om on.

First and foremost breathe. Secondly—breathe and third—you know it—Breathe.

Once you stabilize, remind yourself how far you have come, and that going back is not an option—just cede—drink it in.

Rising above, what comes from below is the way to enhance our practice and well-being.

Sweet pranidhana, surrender—it does a body good!


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