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Via Pauline Hanuise
on Feb 9, 2014
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Make Your Own Coconut-Milk

It’s never been so easy to make homemade coconut milk and yogurt.

All it takes is a whole young coconut and a few minutes!

Coconut Milk

Serves 2-4


  • 1 whole young coconut (flesh + water)
  • Optional: cinnamon, vanilla or any of other preferred spices


1. Crack open the coconut and pour the water into a jar.

2. Scoop the flesh and place into a high speed blender.

3. Pour some of the coconut water into the blender with the flesh.

4. Add more or less water to adjust the consistency of the milk. For a creamy milk, use less water. (I used about two cups of coconut water for one whole coconut flesh.)

5. Drink fresh, it’s delicious!

Coconut Yogurt

Serves 2-4

For coconut yogurt (instead of the milk), add less water into the blender as well as a tablespoon of probiotic (liquid or powder). If the consistency is too liquid, add some desiccated coconut and keep blending until a smooth consistency is obtained.

Leave the mixture to ferment for one to two days in the fridge and the result will be a nice creamy and healthy yogurt.

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About Pauline Hanuise

Pauline Hanuise is a certified Holistic Recovery & Health Coach and a Yoga Teacher. She is a member of Yoga Alliance and the American Association Of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She believes everyone deserves freedom over food, health & happiness. Having recovered from 15 years of struggles with full-blown bulimia, she is now dedicated to help people making peace with food and get a better life. She is the creator of the health and wellness website paulinehanuise.com and the Facebook community Respect Yourself, where she gives tips and advice about health, wellness and happiness. She is also the founder of the “Make Peace With Food, Change Your Life” project, where she empowers women to live a better life. You can also find her on Twitter.


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