February 4, 2014

I Want to Sparkle at Dawn & Share Now. ~ Edith Lazenby {Poem}


The moon sat high that night, a perfect grin,

And I take my heart and paint her white

Like the moon so she can wax and wane

And move with the tides of light and dark

That baptize day and night, joy and sorrow.


I want to sparkle at dawn and simmer at dusk.

I want my feet to dance like tree limbs in winter wind.

I want to shower my friends with indigo flower petals.

I want need’s roots to grow into the stars of heaven.

I want my dreams to pulse with life, overflow into reality.


Today I plant with care and love, hope and gratitude.

The dirt is my skin that breathes the light and wind.

The seeds live in my breath, the inhales and exhales.

The roots spread into the ether on the whims of desire.

The flowers that grow nestle on the tips of my eyelashes.


And all I feel and all I think take a long rest under the snow.

Who I am finds wings to carry what remains into the day.

Spirit needs something beyond space and time to live.

All that matters settles beyond what I see and believe

As I release a sigh having given voice to a moment now shares.


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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Devian Art Random Acts of Kindness a Children’s book




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