February 5, 2014

Pseudo-Spirituality & the Internet Age.


It’s my hope that when people read anything I write that they take it with a grain of salt.

Perhaps even a whole salt shaker. Sometimes a salt-lamp is even better, because it also has its own luminescent quality. I think this is a healthy approach when reading anything, anywhere, created by any person.

Unfortunately I’ve seen people take what is written far too seriously, and then lambaste writers for whatever reason they believe is justified, taking a merry jaunt down rant road and blowing vile fire all the way.

When I read, or write, there are a few things that I always keep in mind.

Writers are humans sharing their personal human experience.

This doesn’t mean that anybody is writing the New Gospel of Awesome. They are sharing their unique perspective as it relates to life. Their experiences have created them to be an individual. Their past is different. Their families, relationships, beliefs, and way of using language are different. When you think about it, every person is completely different and unique, no two humans are ever the same. And each has their own ideas, values, and communication styles.

A story I learned while living in the ashram comes to mind.

Four blind men walk up to an elephant. One takes a hold of the tail and says that an elephant feels like a rope. Another grabs an ear, and says that an elephant feels like a leathery leaf. Another wraps his arms around a leg and claims that an elephant feels like a tree trunk. And the fourth places his hand on the side of the elephant and claims that an elephant feels like a wall. Then they proceed to argue about what the elephant feels like.

Each blind man only knew one aspect of the elephant and didn’t have the ability to see the whole elephant. They were each correct, and completely misguided.

They each had a piece of truth, yet remained ignorant because they couldn’t get past the arguing.

When it comes to the mystery of life, it is far bigger than an elephant. And we are all blind.

I appreciate the people who have the courage to share their perspective.

Our world of internet communication seems to have more trolls hiding under bridges than intrepid adventurers who wander the internet landscape. Anybody can wield a keyboard with brutish authority and barbaric fury.

The people who take the time to share their adventure of life, the piece of the elephant they have grabbed onto, are treasures. They have done their due diligence and have served humanity with the best they are able to at that moment in time. These are rare souls, and I honor each and every one that is courageous enough to express them self in front of the world. Some are far better at communicating than others, and some may share information that is relevant or not.

It is how these people are received that is important. And that is a personal choice.

Persons who wish to understand life and expand their experience, knowledge and wisdom will listen and contemplate. Or ignore it and move on. Or in disagreeing, find a mature way to point out differences.

Just because it is truth for the other person, does not make it valid for oneself.

The venomous people who enjoy tearing other people down for simply standing up might take the time to learn how to listen and observe. No single perspective is entirely true, neither is it entirely false. It is simply a piece of the elephant, the mystery of life.

And in learning to listen, yielding judgment and criticism, perhaps a sublime glimpse of the bigger mystery is unveiled.

Let us at least be civil and have respect for one another.

Without that basic human respect, the world will never know peace.

We are all exploring this mystery of existence together.

Let us have a pleasant journey.

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Wikipedia

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Read 2 comments and reply

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