February 28, 2014

The Dark Horse Manifesto.

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dark horse (noun):
a person (such as a politician), animal, or thing that competes in a race or other contest and is not expected to win
a person who has interesting qualities or abilities that most people do not know about
man·i·fes·to (noun): a written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group

For anyone who has ever been swallowed whole by the nagging fears of failure, frozen by the impulse to hide and disappear, doubted and deterred by the majority or overwhelmed with the need to restore the courage of your soul, this is for you—for us.

Fear not; we’re on the verge of an extraordinary breakthrough—one that might overtake our senses in a way we never could have seen coming, the one where we win and become the rulers of our wildly unpredictable paths.

It’s time to embrace the brilliance that comes with being the broncos we truly are.

We are the dreamers a few steps behind, the visionaries with one challenge too many, the spirits who have come to know defeat all too well.

We’ve been ridiculed, discouraged, brushed aside and hurt to the core. We know the pain of being overlooked and we’ve heard the throbbing aches of a crumbling dream lull us to sleep night after night.

We’ve been told in words and in actions, “you will never make it, you will never be good enough.”

But there’s so much they don’t know about us—about our fascinating and unique abilities and that these gifts will one day develop into something far greater than just “good enough.”

We will be glorious.

We will rise and conquer because we’ll love like there’s no tomorrow. Love each other, ourselves (yes, really), our blessings and our faults, every challenge and obstacle, the ever-changing odds that stack for or against us and all the in-betweens that inject our souls with vibrant colors. We will love it all and smile with a grateful heart because we get to call this crazy ride our life, even if it feels like we might fall off while upside down and flying at 100 miles per hour—and even if what we aim to do appears to be a losing battle from the start.

People will continue to laugh at us because we work hard anyway, relying on whatever inkling of hope for a victory remains to keep us dreaming. They will always expect us to lose and they will dump buckets of water on the fire in our souls (and we’ll love them anyway).

But then, we will blow everyone’s minds with fiercely peaceful perseverance—by doing what seems laughably impossible. Or perhaps our relentless determination will trip us and force a pause just long enough to discover something even better, something far beyond “good enough”—something that could change the world.

Let go of the brutal words that pierced the dreams we once knew. Find the courage to keep on marching, and let the naysayers watch us go. Let them laugh, let them throw their punches; just keep going.

Forget the fears, doubts and threats of a slaughtered dream; we can change the world just by being the wild things we were born to be.

Stop hiding and starting living. Refuse the dimming of our sparks, get louder when they tell us to be quiet and break the lonely habit of disappearing.

We have every reason to be heard and seen.

Because there is no one—I repeat, no one—in this world like anyone else, but we seem to forget that every now and then. No one can offer our talents quite like we can; whether the impact is big or small, it’s something only we as individuals can give, unique to the stars that make us and the times that change us.

So we might as well live our truths, write them on our hearts and shout them from the crazy rhythms of our souls: This is who I am and this is what I do, march with me or watch me go.

But no matter what, we will go and we will knock the socks off of everyone (ourselves included) when we find our path and conquer it.

And then, we can say “thank you.”

Thank everyone and everything that’s ever happened to us. Thank the few whose support kept our flames burning and even the crowds who shot bullets of doubt at our sincerest intentions and boldest dreams—because the people who never believed in us are responsible for our victories just as much.

They did not expect us to win, and for that we can be grateful because in the end, they’re part of the reason why we did. (And believe me, we always do.)

We can love them and thank them for the pain they thrust upon us, and I don’t mean out of bitterness and snarky vengeance. I mean real love and gratitude—sincere, pure, heartfelt and brave.

And there’s no rush, so go slowly enough to feel it all: the few victories and the many defeats, the whirlwind of ups and downs and begin-agains. Firmly believe in the crazy things going on inside our curious hearts; know that there’s a lot of life in there and that it’s meant to be shared.

Boldly, beautifully and brightly, without doubt or fear, let’s share it with all our might. Let’s give ourselves to a higher purpose backed by love and devotion and relish every second of it. There’s no need to worry about giving too much; there will always be more to receive.

Remember that no purpose is too big or too small. Just grow it and own it. Let it reveal the truths we felt we’ve always had to hide; they might just prove to be the most radiant parts of who we are.

So let them glow.

And above all else, have faith. Trust. Be open and brave, and let things crash where they may. Be vulnerable in the fight—strong and soft, lionhearted and serene, able to find meaning in movement and stillness.

Honor the wild brilliance in our blood and remember, we were never meant to walk anyone else’s path; we were born to run free and shine.

Have faith that we can and will win—somehow, someway—even if we must take the path that doesn’t really look like a path at all.

Because we can’t change the world if we only ever do what’s expected.


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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