A Map of What Every Single Country Leads the World In.

Via elephant journal
on Mar 29, 2014
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Raspberries and Nuclear Warheads.”

Don’t forget: “Most women per men.”

A Map of What Every Single Country Leads the World In (> gawkerassets.com)

A few interesting ones: Republic of Ireland leads in quality of life? The U.K leads in fascist groups? And since they didn’t make the map, Lithuania has one of the highest percentages of literate people in the whole world.


Double-click for huge:

map world countries


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The Happiest Cities, States & Countries: all in one Map. {Infographic}


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25 Responses to “A Map of What Every Single Country Leads the World In.”

  1. Ash says:

    can't understand why Tunisia is a "Gun control" ?!

  2. Ralu says:

    I don't think that the description for US:) ….

  3. Linda V. Lewis says:

    I don't see anything for Cuba but it's RUM, CIGARS, + COFFEE. Also high literacy + health, no guns–not even pistols–+the national sports = baseball + hitchhiking!

  4. CJB says:

    Add to Linda's list for Cuba: No American tourists!!!

  5. Mexican girl says:

    This is such an offensive and inaccurate map. BDW the US is not known for its Nobel laureates, but for leading the whole world into war, injustice and death.

  6. gjwinchester says:

    I love how mortality is surrounded by ostriches …

  7. smithoman says:

    United States, creating prison inmates.

  8. Jorge N says:

    The Dominican Republic got and produce way more baseball players than Cuba and they got Cuba as baseball and not the DR, that is incorrect. FYI 28% of Baseball players in MLB come from the Dominican Republic. Cigars was probably is better choice for Cuba.

  9. chrissi visage says:

    not bad! as a kiwi living in france, i hate to admit it but they're bloody good at rugby, still damn fine vino! i detest the front national – wouldn't deign to give them capital f &ns! love the country – but if hadn't met a frenchman i London in the 80s would probably be in Eire, living on guiness & chat……….

  10. Bob says:

    Offensive and ignorant map.

    The UK leads the world in facist movements? Well, we recently legalised gay marriage. And we have more national elections coming up. And we have one of the most multicultural nations in the world, with open borders. We have female heads of state. And we give millions in foreign aid to developing countries. And our police officers don't carry guns to protect human rights. And we offer free health care to every person in the country (including offensive visitors who speak like this).

    We aren't perfect, but certainly not dressed in black, making civilians disappear because of an opinion. And other countries have had their controversial histories deleted and replaced by nobel laureates, ostriches, and renewable energy?

  11. Janice says:

    yes i agree – we are the only country in Europe never to have fascism and our grandfathers gave years of their lives to fight against it – the world is grateful to us for it! Disgusting map!

  12. Matthew says:

    Every single country, except the ones not mentioned like about half of Africa.

  13. Kimberly says:

    You appear to have forgotten Sudan.

  14. Vane S. says:

    Is that all they have for South America greats, Chile, Argentina and Brazil? C’mon now… how about Chile’s substantial wine and copper industries? Argentina’s wheat, soy, wine, and race & Polo horses? And Brazil’s iron ore, petroleum, sugar and coffee? Just to name a few of their most eminent industries. And what about our very own obesity rates topping the rest of the world’s? And our own cattle, wheat, and airplane industries? Silly map.

  15. man says:

    can't understand why mexico is "getting struck by lighting

  16. Richard says:

    Mozambique was left out…

  17. Jay g says:

    Cubans do not have to lie abut their age to be signed by the mlb. Thats what the DR should be known for.

  18. Vicki says:

    What does Denmark say? Can’t read it.

  19. nk says:

    This is funny and interesting, the comments are from some people, they get all offended over stuff and of course there is more data on countries, go to the cia world fact book site if you wanna get all phantasmagorical, dudes and dudettes…from a NASDEE…New Age Sensitive Dude and Energetic Empath. real NASDEE!

  20. Angela says:

    I’d be interested to know more details on the U.K one. Simply as it isn’t exactly a country. It’s made up of the 3 countries in the landmass of Britain (Scotland, England, Wales) + Northern Ireland. So 4 countries together = most fascist groups?

  21. karen says:

    22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories and only one 1 ( Papua New Guinea, the biggest in land mass and population) rates a mention….and we are great at many things!! Small is beautiful.

  22. beedotsix says:

    Given that the Bank of Sweden Prize in Memory of Alfred Nobel is not a true Nobel Prize (as Nobel wanted nothing to do with Economics), I think the "Nobel Laureates" leadership in the US is incorrect.

  23. Gabriel Santiago says:

    The USA leads the world in Miss Universe with 8. Venezuela has 7. Puerto Rico is third with 5 and leads the world in Miss Universes per capita. USA has a population of approx. 320 million, Venezuela has 30.4 million, Puerto Rico has about 3.6 million. I would say that Puerto Rico leads the world in the beautiful women category. But unfortunately, your map completely left them out. Not a good way to make the world be happy and enlightened when you failed to include so many. Just sayin.

  24. Jenn says:

    This perpetuates negative stereotypes of Africa. The map generally pokes fun of countries' stereotypes. However, the continent receives disproportionately less news coverage that is also disproportionately more negative. There needs to be more be more thought into what representations we reinforce when they are largely left uncontested.