#BikeStylish: 30 Tips for Everyday Bicycle Commuting.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Mar 10, 2014
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Jeanne Eisenhaure

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis.

Waylon and Jeanne Eisenhaure of Bike Stylish talk 30 practical tips for everyday bicycling including: layering, neon helmets, baskets, padded shorts under skirts, flashing walls and hard saddles.

They begin their conversation with a meditation led by Waylon. For a longer meditation experience, watch this video.

Elephant is psyched to be working in partnership with Google+ oour new live video series, which features three live videos a week (that can be watched later, too).

30 Essential, Basic, Everyday Bicycle Tips:

1. Layering (hot/cold, scarfs, hats)

2. Get the right bike—one you’re comfortable riding.

3. Start biking on bike paths or during less traffic-heavy times.

4. GoogleMaps for best bike route

5. Prep: leave earlier (think of this time as commute or gym time), plan your outfit in advance so you’re prepared

6. Listen! Don’t have headphones in. Ears are one of your best allies when biking.

7. Wear a helmet (at least if you are a child). Or don’t! Studies show if you wear a helmet cars drive closer to you.

8. Fenders

9. Great basket (bungee cord for basket, basket to keep from sweaty back)

10. Two rechargeable lights

11. Ugly your bike with stickers to prevent it from being stolen.

12. Internal hub

13. Bikes too expensive? Look on Craigslist. Pay no more than $800 for an everyday commuter bike.

14. Bell, ding ding!

Especially for guys:

15. hard saddle

Especially for the ladies:

16. If you are wearing a long skirt, tie it up.

17. Get off the bike facing toward the wall to minimize flashing.

18. Wear padded shorts under your skirt.

19. Neon! Bright helmets. Bright jackets. Reflective tape. Bright accessories—make yourself as visible as possible

20. Chain guard

21. A lock that doesn’t need a key

22. Good handlebars

Especially in winter:

23. Good gloves

24. Wear leggings or tights

25. Boots

26. High socks

27. Waterproof bags for electrics if caught in rain

28. Glasses/goggles for snow or rain.

29. Face mask to protect from wind

30. Bike with confidence and be a defensive biker: “One of the fundamentals of everyday bicycle commuting is to assume that every car is trying to kill you. Because they are, most of them are texting or being idiots.” ~ Waylon Lewis

bike now commuter



Jeanne Eisenhaure

Cycling enthusiast and entrepreneur, Jeanne Eisenhaure works with mission-driven startups through her marketing agency 23 Sons to build the responsible businesses of the future. With 23 Sons, Jeanne has seen firsthand how for-profit businesses can be vehicles for social and environmental improvement in addition to creating long-term sustainable financial growth. Jeanne is on a mission to help further the perception of biking as fun, accessible and even aspirational through her Bike Stylish Project. When not working with clients or writing for Elephant Journal, Jeanne can be found participating in the active and outdoor Colorado lifestyle, including climbing, yoga, hiking, frequenting the farmers market and of course riding around town on her beloved yellow ’73 Maserati road bike.

Learn more about Jeanne and connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and her most recent project YouTube. Discover her latest thoughts on marketing and using business strategy for social good on her blog at 23 Sons and connect with others focused on utilizing business for good 23 Sons Facebook page and @23_Sons on Twitter.

Jeanne Eisenhaure Bike Stylish Jeanne Eisenhaure Bike Stylish Jeanne Eisenhaure Bike Stylish Jeanne Eisenhaure Bike Stylish Jeanne Eisenhaure Bike Stylish Jeanne Eisenhaure Bike Stylish Winter Cover


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Photos: Jeanne Eisenhaure


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9 Responses to “#BikeStylish: 30 Tips for Everyday Bicycle Commuting.”

  1. jeisenhaure says:

    Thanks Elephant Team for hosting me! I hope the bike tips are Relephant to the viewer!

  2. great talk, love Boris Johnson media spot (London’s Lord Mayor, Sir!) and the fact you acknowledge small towns help (try biking in Dallas… peeps take their bikes in the LRT…) I’d add temperate climates like CO and MA also. The two places that I found biking worked well were Calgary, W Canada and Redlands, So. CA: live atop the hill and coast down to work, no sweat, then bike up the hill and shower at home LOL

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Thanks for your Feedback Andrew!

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Thanks Jeanne, you were great!

  5. lilypaad says:

    all very nice, but where is your helmet?

  6. samerhadid says:

    Hello from Israel.
    I always enjoy reading the articles on your site.
    Thanks a lot. http://otm.co.il/

  7. jeisenhaure says:

    I wear helmets about 1/2 the time, but that's about to increase as I just ordered a super styling helmet from Bern. Waylon is anti-helmet… note his rant halfway through the video!

  8. Trin says:

    Totally agree on giving helmets a miss, unfortunately in Australia its enforced by fines and police happily pull you over to fine everyone. Do you have some clothing hints for the tropical heat we live in? We face the opposite problems of weather that you guys have.

  9. Trin says:


    a good site for showing why helmets are not the insurance policy items they're marketed as