March 4, 2014

Mars in Libra Has a Message for Us.


Well hello there, Mister Red Planet in the Sky.

You have a definitive way about you that creates forward action. You project yourself into the limelight with a subtle vengeance, and show us—mere mortals—an intensity that is truly a sight to behold. We have traveled to your outer edges with our machines and upscale technology, only to witness the desolate crimson fury of your dusty surface. I don’t have a clue as to why we humans feel the need to visit you, other than we can, you seem to allow it, and it might offer us more understanding of your true power. Plus, the reasons behind the saying he must be from Mars gives us more information to back that sentiment.

You are different. You get angry. Your power over certain “fire and water” astrological folk emerges in that tendency to lash out whenever crossed or betrayed. You don’t like dishonesty or deception. You prefer the straight-up way of living and being, and rightly so. Instead of tact and compromise, it is easy for you to have a temper tantrum when you have been pushed too far. I get it, Mars. You are one of those planets that we have to notice and respect and appreciate…otherwise we wouldn’t have growth or change or worthy innovations.

You entered into the air sign of Libra recently, and although this is a significant push and will help with all matters related to Libra characteristics, the down side is your decision to now begin a retrograde for three months, causing a few things to get out of whack.

Libra is a diplomatic, peaceful, harmonious, partner-oriented sign who loves nothing more than for life to flow and work in ways that bring smiles and good feelings and awestruck moments.

You aren’t comfortable with Libra at all. As you decide to work your strong and fierce ways into our romantic world, tempers may start to flare and communication becomes abrupt and not entirely nice—at all. With Mercury recently completing its three-week tough trek for us on Earth, now you have to go and stir things up until May 19th and offer not only Libras a challenge, but those people who are working hard for progress on the relationship and work fronts.

We might get too cranky and come at those we love with the iron fist in the velvet glove. As a cardinal sign, Libra is steadfast on meaningful matters that have nothing to do with conflict by any stretch of the imagination. If anything, we would rather play along and soften your rage by offering our balance and style. Not so, you say. You going backwards in the distant heavens, for most of springtime is not of the most optimum benefit to any human, whether a Libra or not.

I like to believe there are bright spots to your retrograde, Mars, as you journey through the sky with an unwillingness to bend on being true to who you are. That is a good thing. You don’t wear masks or hide behind your serious nature. You are now asking that we treat our loved ones with civility and respect and a soft heart, or your wrath will make it impossible to communicate healthily. The message you want us to learn is to listen to our partners before we formulate a comeback too quickly, hence reacting versus responding. With your retrograde in Libra, mild-mannered types may get their panties in a wad and show a not so pleasant side that was perhaps dormant and resentful. The repressed will unduly get pushed and prodded by you until all of the emotional baggage comes forth with that intensity that drives you to delight.

Perhaps all those deep-seated feelings of rage that you thrive on will finally come clean and get resolved.

This is your retrograding mission, Mars. We need to continue to look at our stuff, and most importantly do it in the partnership sign of Libra. I realize you don’t want us to blow up at our significant others, but instead to step back and express ourselves in a less messy manner.

You don’t want us to initiate anything new, whether a project or a love or a war. You would rather we review our current behavior in those matters and take a more peaceful approach to life, passions and love. The impatience and frustration that we feel due to your strong presence is no match for retreating and being more reserved. We need to be thoughtful. We cannot get defensive, or you will make damn sure we have met our match. If our tactics or behavior is not working, the next three months will be hell to pay in your eyes. You might even manipulate and be deceitful, only because you desire that change in us, with those subtle powers being at play. Any of our wrongful or hurtful intentions will force you to lash out again once the end of May arrives and you are moving forward in the sky. This is some pretty heavy stuff, Mars.

Your vitality is brewing and stewing and watching us.

Being stationed in Libra is giving the ever-present notion that we best not tiptoe around you and compromise too much. That would go against your grain. The cardinal sign isn’t as wishy-washy as some may think, especially in Mars.

No, the mission is clear: We need to meditate to put ourselves in touch with our inner selves, to figure out why partnership strategies aren’t working (whether in love or business), and curb any tendencies for passive-aggressive outbursts towards our dearest. This is a good time to practice loving detachment and compassion and appreciation of beauty, in ourselves and others. You want us to dig deep and know that the solution exists.

Okay Mars, we are listening loud and clear, and with gratitude.

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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

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