Men in Yoga Pants. {Hilarious Photos}

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Jackie Aude M.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

That’s why Men in Yoga Pants exists. But the truth is, there just aren’t enough men stretching and posing in yoga pants.

We created this project because it’s odd and fun. An unsettling sentiment among several in the athletic apparel community suggests yoga pants “don’t work on some women’s bodies.” So, we went ahead and decided to showcase the versatility of yoga pants on men—of all types.

That, and there are just too many gross websites dedicated to “sexy women wearing yoga pants.” Let’s push some social constructed gender boundaries and stop the hypocrisy. Or at least try.

For more of these ridiculously hilarious photos, check out the website here.

Jackie Aude M.Jackie Aude M.

Jackie Aude M. Jackie Aude M. Jackie Aude M. Jackie Aude M. Jackie Aude M.

This is a photography project by Robert (@hovden) and Jacqueline (@skyisalandfill) with assistance from Mike (@miketheasian1).


Bonus video:



How to Respect A (Male) Yoga Teacher.

How I Made My First Yoga Class (as a Male) Less-Absolutely Terrifying.


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Photo: Jackie Aude M.

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About Jackie Aude M.

Jackie Aude M. is a creative-something living and surviving in New York. In her spare time, she does silly photo projects like this. Finder her on Twitter.


10 Responses to “Men in Yoga Pants. {Hilarious Photos}”

  1. Phil says:

    The guys would look fine in their yoga pants if they weren't behaving like such dorks. They're no different from running tights for gawds sake.

  2. jason says:

    "An unsettling sentiment among several in the athletic apparel community suggests yoga pants “don’t work on some women’s bodies"

    I dunno – doesn't this pictorial just confirm that yoga pants don't work on some male bodies also? It doesn't really contradict the unsettling sentiment in the athletic apparel community.

  3. Sami says:

    Not hilarious at all…a potential step for mens yoga wear. The guy in turtle pose rocks his yoga pants. Someone smart will design such stretches for men.

  4. Lana says:

    They are already designed and men wear them. 🙂

  5. Jessica says:

    Hurrah for men in yoga pants! I'm going to say that men who regularly wear yoga pants are at least THIRTY PERCENT more likely to have a rockin bod and a good attitude than their non-tight-wearing brethren. Yay for this post, and I think the world is furthermore ready for a non-ironic examination of this subject. Thank you Adam for mainstreaming hot yoga pants for men.

  6. Gudrun says:

    In my view these pictures just ridicule yoga and humans who dare to behave and dress different to the common fashion image. I don’t get the other part….

  7. JJs says:

    Real "MEN" don't eat quiche and no "MAN" in his right mind would ever wear yoga pants. Too funny!! You make us laugh.

  8. Captain Jeff says:

    Real men practice yoga nude…no need for these yoga pants.
    "We are brought into this world naked….thats how it's meant to be"

  9. SexyYoga says:

    Or you could wear Lycra Cycling Shorts. People are already used to seeing them even in public places.
    And them you could also shave the whole body.

  10. Iamyoga says:

    I have been teaching yoga to all age groups- seniors, kids, middle aged adult men and women, etc. Mind you I don’t cultivate a Western look- I have a long beard and long hair so I don’t look like your traditional hipster yoga teacher but I rock these yoga pants!

    As yogis and yoginis, it is part of our daily practice as a spiritual beings having a human experience to cultivate a healthy ego with the focus on intention and consciousness. This is directly linked to the mind and breath. If you know how to bring this message to your students along with great asana alignment, assisting and adjustments, your students will receive a message of higher vibrations, of a deeper self awareness of who we are at our essence- radiant beings of light. Pure love. Then they see and hear this message, not what I look like in my tight yoga pants. Although, one may be distracted for a moment, by my pants, there to-do-list, random thoughts, etc., it is up them to strengthen their connection to the mind and breath and return to the subtle flow of ujjai breath and that natural feeling of calm and peace bringing them back to stillness and centered once again. It is all about intention and consciousness and what is your message as a teacher. Very simple.

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