March 3, 2014

My Heart Sutra (In 3 Parts). ~ Eric McCarty {Poem}

Yin Yang

Before a whispered word—

Emptiness waits to know
your lips.
And only then come to

Emptiness does not give
way to form—
Every object is for the caress of
space alone.
And in return nothingness wraps
itself to the curve of
We are defined by this embrace.

So we meet…realized in
and surrendered at
once as
With no becoming we are free to
exist within one another.
With nowhere to leave off we mingle
intimate at fingertips—
Space meeting itself as form in a
play of pure delight.
And in this moment we
simply are—
And something more
entirely our


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Editorial Assistant: Brenna Fischer/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Jazpar/Flickr Creative Commons

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Eric McCarty

Eric McCarty is a poet and ultrarunner.