March 10, 2014

On the Other Side of a Breath. {Poem}


Sometimes the fire burns so hot that it cracks open a seed that has not germinated in hundreds of years. How does the universe decide the timing of this event?

A lot about a fire that burns so hot could be compared to that of a new love that is taking root.

Was it fate? Was it dumb luck that we came alive? Is it ridiculous if we are to geminate—only to find no nourishing rains—and return dormant?

I can only tell the story from my side, as he still doesn’t know who I really am and where I came from.


On The Other Side of A Breath

He breathes for her

Her hair, near transparent, & shiny-flaxen in the moonlight

One of her safe parts

It frames her exquisite, radiant face

But he can not see her in entirety


His love is the color of day light

He can not help himself

Although she has rough, thorny elements;

Her hurting places

In his glow, her beautiful aspects distract


Shadows cast over her sharp, rough regions

Her bright places illuminated by the light he casts


How can he help himself?

She is a balance of tough & delicate

Yet, he only sees a save haven

Perfect for his love to dwell & thrive


He knows nothing of her past

He knows nothing of her present, really

Except for what he perceives and sees

Yet he sees what he wants to envision, not of what is real


If he really knew her

She may or may not still exist in his mind

Too tough to process

What she has been through

He really doesn’t want to understand her

He just wants her


To float

To glow

To please his imaginary vision of whom she must be

In his distracted vision


Persistence is victorious now

And so. . .


He continues to breathe for her

To keep her afloat on his luminous cloud

Buoyant in the light he emits

If only aloft in his thoughts

Floating upon the other side of the breath that he breathes for her

Blinded by his own light


And he wonders……..

“Why hasn’t the party started yet?”


She appreciates his breath

Even though she dies a little more each day

As she doesn’t have her own

For long enough periods at a time


~ Laura Kutney


And a beautifully worded and sung song by Florence and the Machine called The Bird Song:


And these too…


You Keep It All In by the Beautiful South


And Unwell by Matchbox 20


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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

Photo: Courtesy of the editor




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Read 2 comments and reply

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