March 6, 2014

Creating an Abundant Mindset. ~ Johanna Alper

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The hidden secret behind the Seahawks’ spectacular Super Bowl win: holistic health and success mindset!

The news in Colorado of the Bronco’s Super Bowl defeat did not include information on the healthy, holistic approach of the Seattle Seahawks’ training regimen. Though ABC news called it the “OHM team advantage,” most people in Colorado quickly classified the win as a result of the Seahawks being the “younger team” or having an “unbeatable defense.”

According to ESPN, the Seahawks’ holistic regimen included: three times a week mindfulness meditation sessions and though optional, 20 team members participated on average; daily yoga as part of the physical training; organic foods prepared by the team chef and positive affirmation style mantras.

Further, Seattle players are encouraged to demonstrate positivity in thoughts, speech and interaction. Yelling, cursing and being a “hard-ass” are frowned upon, and players instead are treated with kindness and respect by the coaches who model the effects of a positive approach.

In the early 1970’s, as a student of the Tibetan Shambhala meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, I was intrigued to hear him express his surprise that while his students were completely willing to reveal the most intimate details about sex and relationships, they were secretive and full of shame and guilt about money and finances. He found our money mindset to be our deepest shadow.

As a classical acupuncture teacher for over 20 years, I’ve been heartbroken to see highly trained and fabulous graduates struggle to create a thriving, healing practice.

Is it because as healers and practitioners we carry a negative money mindset and secretly feel that spirituality and poverty are aligned?

I believe the first step in learning how to begin creating a positive money mindset is to become conscious of our money shadow lurking deep within our subconscious.

If we bring light to the money shadow that we’ve all inherited from our family and cultural conditioning, we can transform it, bring abundance into our lives and fund the new sustainable economy we yearn for.

Like the amazing Seattle Seahawks, besides training and healthy living, we need to shift our negative mindset. And cultivating an expanded, abundant money mindset helps us succeed in our own life game and function at our best: to thrive and not just survive.

We can change our money mindsets and step up. I’ve found that the Sacred Money Archetypes system or Mindful Abundance Archetypes system is a wonderful vehicle for shifting our limited mindsets and aligning our spiritual and personal growth with grounded practical financial success.

Are you an Alchemist?

Do you often feel a love/hate relationship with money and care more about leading a social movement than making money?

Are you a Nurturer?  

Do you have difficulty in setting financial boundaries with people you care about?  Do you sometimes feel amazingly generous to others and other times feel secretly resentful that it’s not reciprocated?

There are eight Sacred Money Archetypes. Each one has its own gifts, challenges, sacred money mindsets, contracts and destinies and it is capable of earning great abundance. Discovering and empowering our personal unique archetypes can help us make and keep more money, and fund the new sustainable economy that we yearn for—starting with our own!

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