Bloggers: Emotionalism Isn’t Cool.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Mar 14, 2014
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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Advice for Writers: drop the Emotionalism, get Real.

“The difference between Emotionalism and Catharsis is Generosity.”

We shouldn’t use our suffering, we should offer it.

The author’s motivation is the most important part of writing: are we offering our suffering from the point of view of, “look at how f*cked up I am,” or is it a way to show others how to move forward with their own suffering?


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5 Responses to “Bloggers: Emotionalism Isn’t Cool.”

  1. Victoria says:

    So true. Loved this. One bit of advice I give my writing students ALL THE TIME is that you shouldn't write about your personal strife while you're in the middle of it. Let things play out. Then sit on them for a long time until you have some distance and perspective and can find the lesson and meaning of the tough situation you went through. If you are unable to do this, you'll end up sounding like a train wreck and what could have been a meaningful piece of writing with a strong message will be a mess where you're just exploiting your own crazy for someone else's entertainment.

  2. dara says:

    I think what you are terming "emotionalism" is really narcissism. Societally speaking, the word "emotion" or being "emotional" triggers negativity and fear/egoic judgement. It's not the emotions that are causing the problem you address in the video, its the narcissism. You may just want to call it what it is instead of dragging our wonderful emotions into it.

    Otherwise, I totally get you – narcissism is not cool.

  3. karlsaliter says:

    It is from my own, sacred, inviolable, special realm of noninclusive need that I tell you, I fucking love the "look how awesomely fucked up I am."

  4. river says:

    I totally agree with dara. Emotions affect us all – and deeply inform our creativity. They are not the problem. But you are right – narcissism is not cool.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful.