April 4, 2014

9 Cheap & Free Ways to Create a Blissful At-Home Yoga Space. ~ Kate Connell

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Creating an at-home yoga space doesn’t have to be labored, complicated, or expensive.

Yet one of the most common set-backs I hear from students and teachers, in regards to creating their home yoga practice area, is that they don’t have room, extra cash flow to throw at the space, and have difficulty connecting to the energy of their yoga practice when surrounded by distractions in the house.

I get it. I don’t have a separate yoga room or an ornate space, and although someday it may be nice to have some more room, it’s not necessary. What is necessary is an area that I can define for yoga. A place that I can retreat to and enhance as my own “zen den,” with boundaries that I’ve set for myself, those that I share my house with, and for the intention behind this scared space.

Use these cheap, or free, tips to create an at-home yoga practice space that invites you to the mat over and over again.

1. Make your yoga mat the center of your space. Invite yourself to the mat over and over again by keeping your mat out and ready for use.

2. Mix your own yoga mat spray. Blend a combination of tea tree, lavender, and sweet orange essential oils for a calming yet cleansing spray.

3. If you’re a music-while-you-flow fan, make a playlist for each practice occasion from meditative to energetic.

4. Grab a beautiful practice journal and keep in close to your space. Use it as an opportunity to reflect, write down your sequence, and remind yourself of your intentions and dedications.

5. Create an inspiration area where you can arrange photos, quotes, and other objects that center your attention and intention.

6. Collect your favorite meditation and yoga books and keep a few near your practice area. On days where you are called to a more mental practice grab a book or let a passage inform your physical movements.

7. Evoke the power of aromatherapy and scent by bringing a lighted scented candle or a diffuser filled with essential oils into your practice space.

8. Inventory your practice space and make sure it contains enough room for your mat, has a sturdy wall space, and creates a feeling of calm. If it gets cluttered, take steps to organize the area and keep it clear.

9. Relocate a house plant or potted flower and place it near your yoga mat for air purification.

Take a few minutes to see which of these enhancements you can incorporate to your space now, and if you don’t have a practice space yet, begin to discover which part of your house would be appropriate and work down the list to customize your space to your needs and desires.

What component to your at-home yoga space allows you to dive deeper into your self-practice?


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