April 16, 2014

Cat Alarm Clocks: The Cutest Way To Get Up In The Morning. ~ Brenna Fischer {Video}

Cat Alarm Clocks

I don’t usually have trouble getting up in the morning…if it’s to do something I enjoy.

Five o’clock wake-up calls to get to the crag earlier or hang out on the lake with my dad?


Up before the sun to catch those golden colors as it rises or have breakfast with my mom before she goes to work?

No problem.

Getting out of bed when it is required of me for work, school or an unpleasant visit to the lady doctor?

No motivation, no interest at all, really.

I happen to have my own Cat Alarm Clock though, so at least I can start those days with a healthy dose of cute and furry love!

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          Editor: Travis May

          Photo: Cat Alarm Clocks The Only Way To Get Up In The Morning/Youtube

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Read 5 comments and reply

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