April 6, 2014

Life Will Never Give Us Anything We Can’t Handle. ~ Laura D’Ocon


Some people say God will never give us anything we can’t handle.

Some people say that time puts people and things into place. Some people say love is a risk worth taking. Some people say we only appreciate things when we lose them and we take things for granted. Some people say a lot of things, but it only takes one to understand them, to live them.

Today I just felt that it’s not only worth it, but necessary to remember that it is okay to feel, to not understand, to ask why, to suffer, to cry, to walk slow, to miss, to fear, to not know, to grow slow—life won’t stop just for us, but we are allowed to take a step back, breathe and remain in silence for as long as we need.

I believe life is about unexpected surprises, some are gifts and others dramas.

Sometimes we will face them with a smile, and others will break our heart into millions of pieces, believing that we will never smile again. The beauty about life is that although there are ups and downs, we can always take a moment to pause.

When we pause we allow ourselves to remember beautiful moments, to understand why we feel this way and finally accept it.

Sometimes we might think or even feel that it is the end of the world, and then remember that life will never give us anything we can’t handle. Pain is just a transition that will make us stronger. Accepting the circumstances will heal us and allow us to move on.

My dearest advice for today would be to love with all your heart, feel with all your senses, and if you ever pause to look back, be grateful for the experience with no regrets.

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Photo: Barril Pratama/Pixoto

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