Spray on Pants: Lululemon’s Latest Trend? {Jimmy Kimmel}

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“Lululemon spray-on yoga pants: because the best yoga pants are no pants at all.”

This morning, my boyfriend sent me this video and I thought it was pretty silly.

Bonus: best Lululemon ad ever: “Uh, wow.

Naturally, I had to share it on elephant journal.

lululemon pants yoga

Via Jimmy Kimmel:

“A lot of schools are banning female students from wearing Lululemon yoga pants because they’re too form fitting, and just when you thought it couldn’t go any further, they’ve come up with something even more revealing…”


Bonus: Waylon talks with Buddhist yoga teacher Cyndi Lee in front of a bunch of beer cans:


Chip Wilson, Founder of lululemon, Apologizes. [Video]
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2 Responses to “Spray on Pants: Lululemon’s Latest Trend? {Jimmy Kimmel}”

  1. corrieborris says:

    Your use of 'video on pause JPGs' opening to dead-end tabs is either the most amazing teaching ever, or bad content management.

    Either way, YOU HAVE MADE ME GROW.

    <precious namaste>

  2. kay says:

    Buy the right size pants and they fit jus fine but some women think they are smaller than they are.

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