April 17, 2014

When You Find My Bold Heart in Unknown Time. ~ Andrea Rossin {Poem}

Photo: Claudmir Brundani

If I kiss you again, it may be sweet

because I could be soft then, when I yield

to springtime’s fragrant blooms. when next we meet


I will want to want you, in a green field

where boundaries shape the nature of our game,

at least, I think I will. We might be strange

or dark; I can not know the ways my name

will sound in past projections, out of range

and slightly whispered in your throaty voice.


Our hearts may fade or change and be forgot

to us, beyond ability and choice;

these bits for friendship or lovers. Our lot

is not to question the world of our arts

but to love the moments of our bold hearts.


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Apprentice Editor: Lauryn DeGrado/Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

 Photo: Claudemir Brundani/PhotoPin

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