May 28, 2014

Now, You Rise: A Poem in Tribute to Maya Angelou.


A beloved soul left this world today.

At 86 years old, Maya Angelou has passed from this life into peace. This poem is written parallel to her work, Still I Rise, in tribute to the beacon of hope and love she brought to us over the years. No doubt she will rise once again and continue to shine—just as she has always done.

Your voice became our history,
A truth amidst such darkened lies,
With your pull of light, you showed us home,
But now, dear one, you rise.

Your sassiness uplifted
And your faith kept us afloat,
‘Cause you walked your talk and sang it well;
Your heart, a breathing quote.

Just like the glowing moon and sun,
Without a pause for all you’ve cried,
Your hopes held strongly lifted
And now, fierce one, you rise.

Through the pain of being broken,
Bowed head and lowered eyes,
Your shoulders could have fallen,
But you emerged from your demise.

Your pride, a thing well earned
And a thing you’ve taught with grace,
You learned your worth and rose to it
Singing light into this place.

You’ve been shot with vile words,
And cut with piercing eyes,
They fought you with their hatefulness,
But now, bright one, you rise.

Your boldness keeps us longing
And it comes as no surprise
That you’ll dance among the diamonds
As they twinkle in the skies.

From the darkness of your hardened shame,
You rise.
From those wretched days and nights of pain,
You rise.
An eternal ocean, leaping and wide,
We wade in the depths of your generous tide.

Bidding farewell to the grounds of your fear,
You rise
Into a daybreak that’s weightless and clear
You rise
Leaving the gifts that live on past the grave,
You’ve been our dream and our hope; you’ve been brave.
And now, dear one, you rise
You rise
You rise.

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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Devendra Hijam at Pixoto

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Read 1 comment and reply

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