May 13, 2014

Planetary Transits + Jyotish Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle {May 14th to 28th}.











Full Moon: Sun and Moon at the Edge  + Buddha Jayanti

Full Moon is on Wednesday, May 14th at 14:15 CDT in Libra and Vishaka nakshatra. Moon will be sandhi at the edge of Libra receiving direct gaze from a sandhi exalted Sun and Ketu in Aries.

Yet another opportunity to revisit the same metaphors and challenges, lessons and reminders from the many previous months as Libra and Aries have been in the spotlight for a month now.

This full Moon is intricate as well as celebratory. It is Budhha Jayanti (also called Buddha Purnima), the celebration of Lord Buddha’s birthday. Auspiciously, the celebration falls on a Wednesday this year, day of Mercury, the mind. May Lord Buddha’s strength in mind and liberation of being ignite within us! Jai Buddha!

What’s also interesting about this transit is the the placement of Sun and Moon. Both are delicate in degrees, poised for change and movement into the next signs (Moon to Scorpio and Sun to Taurus) just minutes and hours after the full Moon. This is yet another experience of the movement and change ahead for all of us, while also offering us a chance to look back over the previous many months and note what changes have occurred. We must look both internally (Moon) and externally (Sun) within our relationships and our experiences for issues that concern stability and balance, while also noting changes in our relationship to power and personal power simultaneously.

This full Moon is in Vishaka nakshatra (Saturn, the planet of structure and grief has been here for months) and at the edge of changing signs at 29’51; very much in the gap (sandhi) heading into Scorpio its sign of debilitation.

Moon moves to Scorpio just 15 minutes later at 14:30 CDT. Vishaka is ruled by a dual god, Indra and Agni. They sit at the portal entrance and allow the transformational process of our offerings to take place. Offerings of nourishment, that then become potent and palpable to them, and in turn they make these offerings potent and palpable for us. We see this pair at work in yagyas and puja offerings. Whatever is offered on the altar, alchemically transforms and becomes nourishment for the gods, who then bless us with their protection and support.

The mouth is another expression of “the portal entrance” and the altar of life. We can liken the “offering process” to eating as well; a very sacred act. The agni fires within the stomach are utilized for assimilation and digestion which in turn offers us life as a precious gift. The dynamic of Indra and agni is one of coexistence, alliance and mutual support. Indra represents the king and agni the servant to the king. Both are interdependent on the other and intimately connected. They represent this dynamic within all of our relationships and can teach us about working together and coexisting, even with our differences.

The coming weeks will build on these themes of nourishment and support, helping us find new ways for growth and forward momentum. Don’t expect to do this alone though. We may be finding new support systems in the process and cultivating new relationships and alliances for the movement, but nonetheless, this is a time of noticing the transformational abilities of connection.

During the full Moon, Sun will be finishing its transit in Aries seven houses away; only hours away from changing signs to Taurus at 17:33 CDT. Sun will be in Krittika, interestingly ruled by Agni, the fire of life and the most potent tool of transformation and a powerful change agent.

The theme of transformation is enlivened here. Agni brings us purification and clarity, if not with a bit of burning and heat. As mentioned above, it is Agni that is responsible for the alchemy of transformation and change; responsible for the alchemy process itself. He is also connected to Ajna chakra, the third eye, and since he is connected to the gods through fire offerings, we have access through him to higher realms, and expanded consciousness.

On a very basic level, it is Agni that reminds us how very true the phrase is “we are what we eat.” For it’s our basic nourishment of food that creates our mind and thus our experience of life.

Krittika is known to cut, is exact and sharp. Themes for the coming waning cycle include finding greater clarity on issues you’ve been mulling over, feeling uncertain about or struggling to find answers for. Expect a greater ability to step into your power more potently as a result of this clarity.

These dynamics at play during the full Moon offer us purification and transformation. We feel this theme of transformation continued from the previous waxing cycle, the new Moon and solar eclipse, but now is the time where the real assimilation and nourishment takes place.

The harsh realities that have arisen and settled in during the previous cycle, begin to make more sense now. The themes of change and transformation, clarity and insight will be potent themes in the coming cycle as the Moon begins its waning process and we turn our attention and intention more naturally inward. The other planets and the current nakshatras offer their influence on these themes as well, urging increased creativity and abundance, support and comfort. Expect passions to be high and emotions to be hot, however. Channel these effectively and let them propel you forward artistically, creatively and with purpose.

Planetary Transits

Sun moves out of Aries its sign of exaltation, and into Taurus on 5.14 at 17:33 CDT. He transits Taurus until June 15th. Sun joins Mercury in Taurus and is now out of the gaze of Saturn and Rahu. This transit should sharpen the mind and creativity as well as help bring more stability and comfort to us and our desires. This will likely include matters of the heart and pocket book. Keep the mind cool though and don’t let the mental body run away with itself—or you.

BuddhaMars retrograde right now has had us all retracing old action steps. Frustrations have arrived as we are walking over the same old ground. It feels familiar, yet we feel ready to take bigger strides now; hence the frustrations.

Retrograde Mars in Virgo has heightened our critique of this process. Yet Virgo can also offer ample creativity if we can touch in and harness it for momentum. This creativity will make the “retracing” worth the effort in the coming weeks. Luckily Mars finally goes direct on the 19th and will have us lurching once again—but this time in a forward direction. As Mars continues to move through Hasta nakshatra, Savitr requests an intuitive, introspective audit as we move with these old, familiar tides. If you don’t pause, you’ll miss it.

Mercury finishes up its transit through Taurus and conjunction of Sun on 5.22 at 15:32 CDT, moving into its own sign of Gemini where it joins Jupiter there. A powerful transit of “increase” is upon us with this one. More knowledge, more wisdom, more understanding and more of all things Mercury. Expect money making ideas and desires to increase simultaneously. Don’t let the mind run off with you. Reign it in. Being diligent this month with the mental body and meditation will be valuable and deepen your efforts and experiences with this transit.

Following Mercury, Venus changes signs the next day. Moving out of its exaltation sign of Pisces and into Aries on 5.23 at 18:09 CDT. This is a particularly tricky junction as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is a water sign, whereas Aries is the beginning of the zodiac and a fire sign. The symbolism here: endings and new beginnings, as well as starting anew.

Venus will be feeling the pressure this month, as he shares Aries with Ketu, and also receives direct gaze (drishti) from Saturn and Rahu seven houses away, as well as Mars eight houses away. A nice exchange between Sun and Venus occurs though as Sun transits Taurus (ruled by Venus) and Venus transits Aries (ruled by Sun).

Heat, pressure and transformations are inevitable. We may feel this in our relationships, with our creativity, passions, artistry and with our flow of money. We may get an increase of support and a greater feeling of power and possibility with this transit.

However, as Venus joins Ketu in Aries, expect a purification of these areas of life to occur as well as a restructuring with all things Venus. This is the necessary preparation we need for the upcoming expansive changes. As Venus changes signs on June 18th and moves into its own sign of Taurus (a very stable placement for him), Jupiter moves Cancer to its sign of exaltation, just hours later. Increase of stability and support are on their way! Use this transit of Venus to clear and purge in preparation for the influx. Remember that the more space you can create, the greater space you will have to fill.

Read more about Jupiter’s transit into Cancer.

Jupiter moves to its sign of exaltation, Cancer, on June 18th, then Rahu and Ketu move in July to Virgo and Pisces respectively, and later this year Saturn moves to Scorpio. Likely you are already feeling the momentum and change of these transits. Needing some guidance and clarity for this coming year? Schedule a yearly progression with me. I am now booking sessions for June.

Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle {May 14th to 28th}

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

All the love that you have been cultivating within you and all the self-care that you’ve been doing, has been re-filling your empty vessel. Keep it going. As Venus moves to your first house on the 23rd, you risk burning up all that you have replenished. Continue a solid and consistent self care regimen, attend to your own needs, and put Self love as your top priority. Work with themes of comfort, and nourishment. Attend to diet and exercise during this waning cycle and courageously iron out your mental kinks. As Mars goes direct on the 19th, you’ll be ready to put your plans into action. Find new ways to help your self shine from inside to out.

As Bob Marley would put it,“The Sun is shining, weather is sweet. Make you want to move your dancing feet.” You begin to shine a bit brighter now that Sun is in your 1st house, but as Venus enters your 12th house on the 23rd, use this as a reminder to slow down and retreat inward for rejuvenation. Even the tenacity of a Taurus requires a pause and reboot. Your retreat time will be rewarded with insights and new awareness, creative changes, and some necessary relationship reality checks. You will come up with a new way to work smarter, not harder, which will pay for it self in the long run. Surrender. The more you allow for meditation time, the more you gather and gain on an inner and outer level.

Gemini: Your career has been on creative overflow autopilot recently. Where and how are you directing these tidal waves? You may have been relying on your past to dictate your actions, but it’s now time to find new ways for momentum and growth. Open new channels of creative flow and let the channels of your heart swell. Sun is in your 12th house now and is asking you to find some time for necessary inner work. Hit the re-set button and take time for rest and rejuvenation. This is truly where the creativity is sourced so do your homework! Expect shifts to occur as a result—especially when Venus moves to your 11th house on the 23rd. Sparks create shifts and changes you’ve likely been craving but have been too afraid to act on. Here’s your push! Mercury moves into your 1st house on the 22nd, allowing you to get all the clarity you need. Attend to the mental body though and don’t get lost in the mind’s ruthless over-expansion games.

Creative flow has been a great teacher lately and has offered some renewed comforts and support. Continuing to work with flow will be essential in the coming weeks as Venus moves to your 10th house of career; he will be with Ketu—the “restructuring” planet. Expect some changes with regard to creativity and relationships as well as how you respond to these. Learn and grow and connect with friends for support. Be courageous and move forward with your plans, even if you feel derailed at times; it’s good practice to keep moving. When Mercury moves to your 12th house on the 22nd, meditation becomes your greatest ally and creative resource. Use this tool in the coming weeks to re-charge and get a sustainable edge.

Leo: You and your career are on center stage. Can you feel the lights on you? As Mars goes direct on the 19th, you start a more progressive agenda. Mercury moves to your 11th house on the 22nd, uplifting your finances and mental clarity as well. Find ways to expand and clarify your work and creativity. How can these bring you more comfort and nourishment, increased finances and self expression? Creative sparks flare after the 23rd when Venus moves to your 9th house. You will be learning some valuable insights and tools in the coming weeks so take notes. Expect some relationship changes during the process. This is here to teach you a valuable lesson. Do you keep your cool or blow your top?

Virgo: You are ready to share your wisdom. What have you been learning that is valuable to others? As Mars goes direct on the 19th, you start to think and move in a more positive, forward direction. Mercury moving into your 10th house of career on the 22nd (its own sign) gives this process a boost. Career creativity, support and assistance comes your way. Expand what you think is possible and ask for a raise. Relationships and your relationship to money and creativity, gets some restructuring after the 23rd. Let the inner awareness out of the closet. Work with themes of comfort, support and nourishment and seek answers for your needs. Be courageous with what you ask for and you might be very surprised with the outcome. Don’t play small.

I wish I could say you will get a break from the relationship work for a bit, but the themes continue. As Venus moves to your 7th house of relationships on the 23rd, expect a period of restructuring and change to take place with regard to who and what you relate to. You will also notice changes in how you relate. This is good for you, even if uncomfortable. Trust the process, but watch your temper. As Sun dips into your 8th house now, you begin a period of inner transformation that will likely have lasting effects on your ego. Surrender to your depths and find the courage to change, learn and grow. Allow wisdom and knowledge to seep into you and listen to the “teachers” all around you. Allow for a learning curve.

Scorpio: Your efforts become more of a gain as Mars goes direct on the 19th. Share, create, express and take steps forward now. Relationships provide a sense of comfort and stability, albeit with some changes and restructuring simultaneously. Let some of your old guard down and invite in the joy of connecting for the sake of connecting.Trust your Self to know what you need and attend to your personal boundaries when necessary. Clean up your diet and gut and let go of sweets and bad habits. Your body will thank you and it will impact the clarity in your mind and intuition as well. Once Mercury moves to your 8th house, insights and mental brilliance are deep and profound. Pull from these roots and expand what is possible for your life, creativity, teaching and growth. People want what you have to offer. Don’t be shy.

Clean up your act and get results. Diet, regimen and bad habits get a chance for change. Will it be for the better and will it last? Your gut is a powerful resource so listen up. Digest old experiences to help you move forward. As Mars goes direct on the 19th, forward momentum gets a boost and helps your digestion of life in the process. Get creative, get focused and get passionate. Take action on the things that matter most. As Mercury moves to your 7th house on the 22nd, your ability to connect in new ways and expand your career, both get a big lift. Be creative and connect with the right resources to get the job done. The benefits for your growth will be lasting.

Creative courage moves towards heart courage in the coming weeks as Venus moves into your 4th house. Expect sparks and sizzles, changes and restructuring with your inner tides. What moves you and where is your creativity flowing? How can you share this new fluidity with others? Make your emotions a top priority at this time and work diligently with the emotional body. Creativity and passions move you. Move and be moved. Sync up with your heart and your gut. Where do these body parts intersect and how do they inform each other? Mind moves in a more forward direction as Mars goes direct on the 19th, let your plans and desires move forward as well.

Aquarius: Chaos, storms and the strength of Rudra continue to provide you with ample lessons and they teach you about your own strength. As comfort and security becomes more established within you, this trust in your Self has a ripple effect on your life and relationships. Have you noticed? Let your heart swell a bit more and share your joys. Find the courage to work with your emotions and relationship wounds directly in the coming weeks. The light bulb will definitely be going off for you so pay close attention! You may find that what doesn’t work in your relationships, is actually a very good teacher for you and can help you find clarity for what you do want. Let creativity drive you, propel you forward and help you launch. Intuition is on point once Mercury moves to your 9th house on the 22nd. Trust your gut.

Pisces: Courage and creativity is sharp and laser focused. Necessary changes and momentum with relationships and connections get forward movement as Mars goes direct on the 19th. Watch what you say though, words are hard to take back. The heart and the mind sync up after the 22nd when Mercury moves to your 4th house. Use this for a stronger, creative edge and channel it effectively for maximum gain. Work with your inner storms and the ferocious strength you have access to right now. It’s coming from a very dark place within you, but these shadows have much to share about your inner and outer spectrum. Don’t neglect these offerings.

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