May 3, 2014

Your Busy Mind is Mindfulness. ~ By Ruth Lera

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Despite what you think, you are not bad at mindfulness.

I know your mind seems so busy every time you sit down and try to get quiet.

I know you think that you’re just not suited for mindfulness meditation. You think that you’re too restless, too anxious or too sleepy.

But you’re not one of the seven dwarfs stuck in a stereotype. You’re a person, a diverse person with a busy mind. And that’s normal.

In mindfulness meditation we’re not trying to change that. Instead we’re working towards waking up to all its intricate nuances.

The photos of people meditating peacefully on a sunset beach has done meditation a disservice. Instead photos of people meditating should come with thought bubbles over the meditators head, showing all the craziness that’s going on inside, because although meditation can look very peaceful on the outside, it can often be anything but peaceful on the inside.

So, why do we meditate or practice mindfulness then?

There are many answers to this question such as reducing stress, becoming calmer, to be more productive and these are all true in a sense.

But the main reason we practice mindfulness meditation is to experience the present moment, because it is where life happens and we don’t want to miss out on life.

And here is the secret about mindfulness meditation. Our thoughts are also happening in the present moment. When else could they happen?

When you notice that your mind is busy, this is actually the real moment of success in mindfulness. This is when you’re waking up to what’s really going on.

Acceptance is the path of transformation.

As long as we want our thoughts to stop they’ll just get stronger and have more control over us. Instead when we notice our thoughts with an attitude of loving friendliness and embrace whatever is happening in the moment thoughts become our ally, a training point for mindfulness.

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