June 5, 2014

10 Uses for Coca-Cola Besides Drinking. ~ Ashleigh Hitchcock


Some people drink Coke—I just use it to clean my house!

The active ingredient in Coca-Cola is phosphoric acid. It has a pH of 2.8. It’s comparable to fresh lemon juice or a glass of red wine.

This means it is acidic and great to use as a cleaning agent. Coca-Cola is inexpensive and easy to access everywhere.

Coca-Cola is a great all-around household grime buster.

1. Simply pour Coke in the toilet bowl. Let it sit for one hour. Flush and voilà! It’s clean.

2. Use Coke to wash haze from the windshield of a car.

3. Coca-Cola can be used to loosen up a rusted bolt. Just dunk a rag in the Coke and let it soak into the bolt for several minutes. The nut is easily released.

4. Removes grease or blood stains from clothes. Empty a can of Coke into the washing machine, add detergent and stains will be loosened.

5. Hair care. Coca-Cola removes gum stuck in our hair and can rinse out unwanted hair dye.

6. Removes corrosion from car battery. Simply pour Coca-Cola on the car battery. Coke is also good for overall engine cleaning. Let’s just be careful to not spill Coca-Cola on our car’s paint jobs.

7. Clean oil stains from the garage floor. Soak the stain in Coke for five minutes and hose off.

8. Use Coke to wash the grout between kitchen and bathroom tiles.

9. Coca-Cola removes marker stains.

10. Polish the pennies. Soaking old pennies in Coke will remove the tarnish. Shiny!

Bonus: The State Patrol carry a gallon of Coca-Cola in their squad cars. They use it to remove blood from the highway after a car accident.

Myth busters!

Coca-Cola is also reputed to dissolve a nail in four days. We tried it, but the nail was unchanged.

Coke is also reported to dissolve a T-bone steak in two days. We did not try this experiment. That would be a waste of a good cut of beef. Besides, we’re vegan.


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