June 24, 2014

How Manifesting in Life Is like Manifesting an Orgasm.

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It recently dawned on me that as a female human being, manifesting what I want in my life is very similar to making an orgasm happen.

Since I am not a guy, I cannot speak to the similarity of orgasms and manifesting for men.

The discovery of course, was accidental, as physically I was in the mood, but my brain was not. And for a woman to have a fruitful orgasm, whether she is masturbating or with a partner, she has to put her whole self into it, starting with her brain.

There can be touching, massage, kissing, and all the right movement, but if a woman is not fully present to the moment and her mind is disengaged thinking about the dishes, the laundry or somewhere else she’d rather be…then an orgasm rarely happens.

And if it does, it’s not so satisfying. Our entire nature, and all our senses are actually necessary to create an amazing orgasm and to the life we want to be living now.

For me to have an orgasm that ranks as amazing, I must be fully present from it’s beginning until its very last threads of ecstasy.

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I handle my existence the same way, life is pretty damn good!

Female orgasms don’t happen by force—they happen by intention.

If I intend to have an orgasm, I will; just ask all the women who have had them in nonsexual ways.  Many of us can have an orgasm without manipulation; we can also have a great life without manipulation too.

In life, if we force or disconnect from our true focus, our results are less than orgasmic, right? We cannot chase an orgasm, nor can we chase life.

We may work super hard, but if we don’t have the connection to our truth, our joy, our sense of being, and creativity from that place, we’ll never feel fulfilled.

We can be successful without this connection, but we won’t be fulfilled. It’s the same with an orgasm.  We can have an orgasm strictly from intention, but to experience it’s true power, we must be open and vulnerable too.

Openness and vulnerability are necessary in manifesting what we want in our lives.

We must open to ourselves to hear our truest desires. What do we really want? Are we blocking our desires, so we don’t have to create change or possibly fail?

It’s the same with an orgasm: if we have issues around sex with oneself or another, we cannot even begin to feel a climax, let alone the depth of an earth-shattering feeling of ecstasy in it’s peak.

We need to be vulnerable to verbalize our truth without worrying what impact it will have on others.

It’s an illusion to believe we control others with our strategies for living; we can disappoint people while doing our best not to, so why not be authentic and stating what we want from our truth (in life and in sex)? Not everyone will be on board, and may try to steer us to familiar waters.

Safety is an illusion, although necessary when opening up to new paths and orgasms.

We can create a feeling of safety for ourselves by being fully present in the moment. Whether we’re having an orgasm or creating a business, a relationship, ordering dinner, etc…we can feel taken care of from within, which is then reflected in what we put out there.

The best orgasm to experience is to have our mind, body, heart, and spirit engaged in its climax. It’s a very fulfilling feeling and it goes beyond ecstasy, it really rocks our world and can stay with us!! Ever been around a woman who has had an amazing orgasm? She is fulfilled. Wouldn’t it be great then to apply the same intention, focus, love, and openness to manifesting the life we want?

If you can manifest an orgasm, you can manifest your life:

First get clear on what you want (whether it’s an orgasm or an incredible job, etc). What’s your goal?

Second, create the intention of what you would like to experience.

Third, open up to unlimited creativity within. Write down your thoughts on the different tactics you can apply to achieve your goal

Fourth, apply mental energy to focusing on what you are creating, see if there are any obstacles left? Bring awareness to them and connect the mind, body and soul to opportunities.

Fifth, keep on taking creative action, be present for the journey and engaged in feeling the experience, so all parts of you feel the joy, the expression and trust that opportunities for what you truly want, await you.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Will Vision at Flickr 

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