June 19, 2014

Men’s Sexual Health: The Power of Nettle Root. ~ Brandon Gilbert


Let’s talk about the prostate.

Prostate health is an important topic for every guy wanting to enhance his overall health. When our sexual function is working optimally, we can feel confident that our whole body is running smoothly and efficiently.

A tonic herb that can aid our prostate health is nettle or nettle root extract. While we may have high testosterone levels in our system, we may not have free testosterone that is usable by the body system. Testosterone is often associated with overall vitality, youthfulness and energy.

Here are some reasons why nettle root extract is a superb sexual tonic:

It can support free testosterone in the body.

Free testosterone is usable testosterone. Like I mentioned above, we may have high levels of testosterone but it could be bound up and not circulating through our system. Nettle root extract can work with the sex-binding globule making the testosterone available for the body to use. A good balance of free testosterone in the body will foster better health.

Nettle root extract can support the overall health of our prostate and urinary tract.

It has been shown to effectively reduces the occurrence of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia), a disorder that effects the health of our urinary-genital tract and can hinder pleasure. Traditional cultures have looked at the relationship between the strength of the organ system and overall sexual health; nettle root extract works to nourish and tone our reproductive and organ systems.

This tonic herb has been shown to be a significant anti-inflammatory.

Again, looking at BPH and swelling of the prostate (often a pre-cursor to cancer), a high-quality concentration of nettle root extract will help reduce swelling of the prostate that can enhance overall sexual satisfaction.

It is important to make a distinction between the leaf and the root—studies show that nettle root works better for BPH, whereas the stinging nettle leaves are used to treat arthritis and other inflammation.

When taking any kind of supplement it is important to look at:

1) the processing of the herb

2) if it is organic

3) if it’s pure.

Some supplements on the market are full of fillers, flow agents and excipients, i.e., junk that reduces the potency of the herb. The product that I have selected has a 12:1 ratio, which means that 12 pounds of whole organic nettle is reduced to one pound of concentrated herb. This makes it have high absorbability and bioavailability for the body (in other words, the body can use it immediately).

This herb is safe to take on a regular basis. The only contra-indications are if you are taking ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, drugs for diabetes, lithium, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It has been shown to be successful when used in comparison with the pharmaceutical drug Finasteride. Research suggests that nettle can balance hormones and works directly on the prostate cells.

It is important for men to get their prostate checked regularly. This article is not intended to replace medical knowledge or expertise. However, studies are showing the efficacy and potency of this tonic herb. Check it out, to enhance your sexual health.

Below are some popular studies on nettle:

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Jeremy Jul 4, 2014 12:34am

This article was very insight full for me personally. I'm currently under a doctors care for hormonal replacement therapy for low testosterone. I have great concerns about the long terms side affects with the therapy. I think I will give nettle root extract a shot and see if it will help me out. Thanks, Brandon for this article.

geoffreybernard Jun 26, 2014 4:04pm

Thanks for the article Brandon. Thanks to your advice on nettle awhile back, I've enjoyed increased vitality – and that's even after following your lead in enjoying many other Chinese tonic herbs. Great stuff.

JeffSanders Jun 21, 2014 8:56am

Brandon, Thanks for the article. Have you studied the effects of nettle on the joints? I have found that nettle has a very beneficial effect on fascial plasticity. I volunteered on an organic farm and for several years picked nettle out of rows of vegetables. My hands became accustomed to the plant in a few weeks and it stopped "stinging." My ease of movement and range of motion in my fingers improved. Nettle is becoming a frequent option at farmers markets and can easily be brewed into a tea or quickly sauteed as a side dish.

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Brandon Gilbert

Brandon Gilbert is based in Louisville, KY. He is the founder of Hyperion Herbs, a web-based Chinese herb store that sells high quality tonic herbs. He also started a Chinese herb academy that offers educational services to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this ancient system of medicine. He has had tremendous breakthroughs in his own life, creating vitality and health with the aid of this knowledge. His passion for sharing this information is fueled by his desire to empower others about the potency and efficacy of adding tonic herbs to one’s life. Check out Hyperion Herbs or follow Hyperion on Facebook.