June 11, 2014

Waves of Healing: How & Where Chakras Affect the Body.

Photo: By William Vroman (William Vroman's PC) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Healing starts from within.

Healing starts with our chakras—seven areas in our body, like hubs for energy to travel through. If one chakra is off kilter, either too open or too closed, it can become unbalanced.

By looking within we may discover the root cause of other ailments that are leading to problems in our life, body or state of health.

We may discover what is blocking us from achieving our dreams.

Just like the delicate balance of life, other things will be affected by this shift or unbalance, creating a rippling wave. Whether the energy that runs through our body is being blocked or flooded, we have the opportunity to enhance that flow.

The more we create our own waves and ripples, the easier it is to surf with confidence and grace on the waves of life.

Here is a detailed explanation of the chakras and where/how they affect the body:

1st Chakra

Muladhara or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It deals with our physical identity, stability and ability to feel grounded.

The body parts affected are our hips, feet, legs and skeletal bones.

When this chakra is closed we can feel fearful, anxious and needy. When this chakra is too open, we can feel self-centered or greedy. In balance, we can feel grounded, stable and healthy.

2nd Chakra

Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra is found in between the navel and pubis bone. It deals with our emotional identity, creativity and happiness.

The body parts and organs associated with this chakra are the bladder, sex organs and lower intestines.

Having this chakra closed we can be over sensitive or hard on ourself. When this chakra is too open there may be an emotional imbalance. When aligned and in balance we will feel expressive, trusting and better attuned to our own feelings.

3rd Chakra

Manipura or the Solar Plexus Chakra is in the center of the stomach near the navel and deals with understanding, belonging, our self-esteem and personal power. When we have a gut feeling, that is this chakra responding.

The areas in the body that correlate are the digestion and pancreas.

When this chakra becomes too opened we can feel angry, and when it is blocked we can feel insecure and indecisive. In balance, this chakra allows us to feel our own personal power.

4th Chakra

Anahata or the Heart Chakra is located at our heart center and is associated with trust, forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion and our soul.

The heart, lungs and circulatory system revolve around this chakra.

When this is too open we can feel possessive; when it is blocked or closed we can feel fear and rejection. When this chakra is in balance we feel compassion and unconditional love for others and ourselves.

5th Chakra

Throat of Vishuhdda Chakra deals with communication, creativity, self-reliance, truthfulness and expression.

The neck, throat, eyes, ears and nose are connected to this chakra. The thyroid is also a major organ affected by the 5th chakra.

When this chakra is too open we can be too talkative, and when this is too closed or blocked we can become quiet, or non-expressive. In balance, we begin to speak the truth and have good communication.

6th Chakra

Ajna or Third Eye Chakra is located between the two eyes and is associated with the pituitary gland.

When too open we can become authoritative and when blocked we may be fearful of success or have confusion. There is balance with this chakra when we are unattached to material things and find our intuition.

7th Chakra

Sahasrhra The Crown Chakra is located at the very top of the head and relates to our intuition, and our connection to the world around us. It is also the connection we hold with spirituality or religion.

The pineal gland is affected by this chakra.

When this is too open we can feel ungrounded and in a manic state. When it is blocked we can lack a sense of belonging and feel exhausted. When in balance, we can feel enlightened and at peace with our world.

We can find balance, restore, or reset all of the chakras through various techniques such as meditation and yoga. If we are having trouble speaking or expressing ourself, we can try a meditation centered on speaking our truth, focusing on the throat chakra.

Once we look within and recognize where our imbalance is, we can begin to heal, finding harmony in our body, mind and spirit.


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Photo: By William Vroman (William Vroman’s PC) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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