July 26, 2014

An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind. ~ Monique Minahan

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An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Those words are easy to say when it’s not your son that’s been senselessly beaten, when it’s not your daughter that’s been raped, when it’s not your parent that was in the World Trade towers, when it’s not your fiancé that was on Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

Injustice rubs up offensively against our inherent sense of fairness.

We want revenge, we want justice and we want payback, but mostly we want the hole in our heart to stop bleeding.

We want our suffering to end.

We want the hurt to stop hurting.

We want reality to stop staring us in the face even when our eyes are closed.

We want them back. And they’re not coming back.

You who have lost, we have lost with you.
You who are howling, we howl with you.
You who are in shock, we are in shock with you.
You who are enraged, we are enraged with you.
You who are crumbling inside, we crumble with you.
You whose scream inside has not yet made it to your lips, we hear you.
You whose world just came to an end, we are here for you.

We are the only ones who are here for each other.

I for you and you for me. Wherever you live, whatever you do, however you speak, we must hold each other in loss, in laughter, in life and in death.

Gandhi’s words don’t ask us to stop hurting inside. They ask us to stop hurting each other in response to our hurting inside, because if we don’t, we will all end up blind and hurting and unable to help each other when we need it the most.


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