July 18, 2014

Dear Beautiful Wanderer. ~ Andy Charrington

Andy Charrington

You are an important part of this world. And someone thinks you’re worth whatever it takes.

There is someone wonderful who wants to look you in the eyes when you are talking and listen to what you are saying. They want to make love to your mind. They care about your happiness and want to walk your journey with you, moving branches out of your way and leaping over muddy streams with you.

Someone out there thinks that you are so special, they would do anything for you.

You are a great human. And someone admires your greatness. They see the way you think and respect what you have achieved. They want to jump right in with you and show you just how amazing they think you are. They want to climb your walls and explore your depths. Someone out there wants to tell you how great you are with every sunrise and every sunset.

You are sexy. And someone wants to show you that. They want to seduce you and romance you and show you parts of themselves reserved only for you. They want to learn your secrets and be that for you. They want you to know that to them, you are the most beautiful lover and you won’t ever compare to anyone else. Someone out there doesn’t care if they weren’t your first, as long as they’re your last.

You are funny. And someone else thinks so too. They laugh at the world in the same way you do. They want to giggle with you and spend endless hours with just a fire, the stars and your mind. They smile at the same unsaid jokes of the world and finish the sentences you thought were too inappropriate to finish. Someone out there wants to be your sidekick.

You are sensitive. And someone not only sees the perfection of your whole self but is succinctly intuitive and empathetic to your wonderful sensitivity. They admire your way of feeling and they meet you there even when they don’t feel it the same way. They won’t resist any sacrifice they choose to make to relieve your journey and heal your wounds. They want to ride this train with you, in your way and at your speed. Someone out there wants to be your safe place and soft landing.

You are perfect. And someone not only doesn’t care about your flaws, they recognize that they make you who you are and that’s exactly what they want. They want to cuddle you in the hard times and dance in the rain with you for every tiny success. They love everything about you and don’t ignore the ugly parts or wish them gone. Someone out there wants all of you, just as you are, warts and all.

You are beautiful. And someone wants to tell you that. Every day and in a thousand ways. They are attracted to you like a butterfly to a flower. They are proud to walk with you holding your hand and giggle and blush with their friends when they talk about you. Someone out there has falling autumn leaves in their belly every time they look at you.

You are worth it. And someone will do whatever it takes in the name of your beautiful love and future together. They hear your needs and quietly strive to meet them. They understand your weaknesses and help, not through charity, but by seeing that you have been strong on your own for too long. They see your wounds and kiss them not because they have to, but because they want to. Someone out there thinks you’re worth everything you need.

You are kind. And someone sees how you try to be. They notice your efforts and understand your gestures just as you intend them. They find deep comfort knowing how you see yourself, own your past and learn from your mistakes. They know your kindness just as you do. Someone out there wants to be cared for in just the way you want to care.

You are brave. And someone sees what you’ve done and what you’ve done it against and loves you all the more for it. They want to meet you on your adventure and explore every dark corner and every awe filled sky of life with you. They want to hold your hand and jump together. Someone out there thinks you are their fellow explorer.

You are lovable. And someone loves you with every fiber of their body. Not because you are perfect, but because they inexplicably, whole-bodily, head-swimmingly, galaxy-explodingly love you. They see all of you and love each tiny bit as much as the next. They don’t need you to prove your worthiness or chase their affection. Someone out there loves you in just the way you imagined they would.

So be strong my dear, and patient. Everything you dreamed of is out there somewhere. Put on your boots and your prettiest dress and start exploring. You may find that the adventure of searching reveals as much wonder as the dream you are chasing.

Be bold. Be beautiful. Be you. And let’s share stories of our journeys if our paths should ever cross.

Faithfully yours,

Your fellow explorer.


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Photo: Pixoto/ Melvin Gilbert

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Read 47 comments and reply

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