July 15, 2014

Everything is Going to be Okay.


How do you cope with worry or fears?

What do you do when you have run out of answers?

Where do you go when you have nowhere to turn?

Do you feel stuck?

Stuck in a rut,

Stuck in a corner.

Do you feel frustrated?

And, fearful too?

You know you can’t go backwards.

But, how do you move forwards?

Remind yourself of this:

Everything is going to be okay. Everything will work out just fine.

Even (and especially) when there are no answers right now,

Just trust that everything is unfolding to your best advantage.

Just trust that life is happening for you, not to you.

And know that everything is going to work out better than you could even imagine.

You will get through this.

You will be okay.

Everything will be okay.

Because, it’s in this space that something magical can happen…

Deep transformation, real healing and new beginnings.

How can I say that?

How can I be so sure?

When I look back in my own life, I see that everything always worked out fine.

But, my mind wants to argue, “But, maybe, this time, this time will be different… maybe things won’t work out…”

And, so the story develops. My inner voice whispers:

“You don’t know the answers. You don’t have the road map. You’ve never been here before. You don’t know how to go forward. You don’t know what to do. You don’t know how to fix this. You can’t solve this.”

Fortunately, at that moment, a lovely quote springs to mind:

“If there was never any darkness, we wouldn’t see the fireflies.”

My mind stops abruptly.

And, I silently wonder, “What if we need the darkness?”

What if we need it all?

The uncertainty. The fears. The not-knowing.

You can’t see the fireflies in the light.

For it is only in the darkness that they glow.

And, the darker it is, the brighter they shine.

And, what if, in our own lives, we need the darkness, so we can truly shine our own lights?

Keep trusting.

Trusting, trusting, trusting in life.

Let life unfold in its’ own time.

And, in your heart, trust.

Trust that everything is going to be okay.

Trust that everything is going to work out perfectly.



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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: purplejavatroll at Flickr 

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Read 4 comments and reply

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