July 30, 2014

I Want to Ride Bikes With You. ~ Don Parrett

Courtesy of Don Parrett

Let’s load our bikes and go.

Anywhere. Anytime.

The early morning ride to work. The decompressing ride after work. The days off when we just need to get away and spend time together. The hard days when we’re training for an upcoming bicycle race or event.

All of the days, I want to ride with you.

I love the time we spend together on our two wheeled therapy.

The way the sun glistens off the sweat beading on your skin. The smile that seems always present as we do that which makes you the happiest.

The laughter as one of us has a ridiculous wipe out. The joy as we roll over an obstacle for the first time. The sense of accomplishment as we are finally able to ride up that treacherous hill.

All of the days, I want to ride with you.

The ride we’ve chosen is not always a smooth, flat trail. It gets bumpy and rough from time to time.

We just have to dig in and keep pedaling.

The only thing that can stop us is ourselves. We can conquer anything together. The tallest mountain; the slickest rocks; the loosest gravel.

We can do it together.

You motivate me and I motivate you. We’re riding our own bicycles, but it feels like a tandem. We’re a team that cannot be stopped as long as we believe in each other and face our fears together.

All of the days, I want to ride with you.

When we cross that finish line, or reach the trail head, there’s always that same feeling of accomplishment. Maybe it’s a trail we’ve never ridden together, or a trail we’ve never been able to ride without walking part of.

It might just be that we just did our first race together and both crossed the finish line. Every time I’m happy that whatever the trail is, I’m riding it with you.

All of the days, I want to ride with you.

All of the grand adventures before and all that still await us; all of the bad rides and good; the hard and easy; the awe-inspiring and the average; they all fill me with joy and love because I ride them with you.

Always chasing you. Always amazed at your passion and love. Always humbled to be a part of your trail.

And above all, always happy you chose to ride with me.

All of the days, I want to ride with you.


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Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Travis May

Photo: Author’s Own.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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