August 27, 2014

What if There is Nothing to Heal? ~ Michelle Marie McGrath

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What if there is nothing to “heal?”

What if there is nothing wrong? Nothing to fix other than a perception shift. Nothing to improve.

Feel that possibility. Breathe it out.

Each of us has a mind-body-soul with its own innate wisdom that is constantly attempting to keep itself in balance. Thus it could be said that we are all “healers.” This is our natural state and not a job title.

As soon as we perceive the ability to heal as outside of ourselves or that being a healer is a special gift bestowed upon a chosen few, we immediately disempower ourselves, rather than claiming fully our own innate power. This disconnection is the fast track to imbalance and lack of wellbeing.

What if everything that we find challenging about ourselves is an invitation? An invitation from you to you. What if it’s just a part of ourselves that we are not so familiar with, saying, “Here I am. Look at me. Get to know me. Love me. I dare you.”

Could it be that we are on a journey of self-discovery and sometimes what we discover is both surprising and unpleasant? If we were not faced with various life experiences, then how else would we meet both shadow and light, two sides of the same coin?

Instead of looking at what’s “wrong” and what needs “healing,” let’s decide to adopt an attitude of curiosity and compassion. What can we learn today? How can we see this situation from a higher perspective? Try substituting the word healing with the word loving and feel the difference. Love is our true nature and the only real healer.

Imagine if instead of believing that we are fundamentally flawed, we could focus on the fact we are perfect in our imperfection. Perfect for challenges, lessons and growth that we agreed to undertake in this lifetime. An integral part of all that is.

What a relief it would be to give ourselves permission to just be, with all of the frailties, beauty, strengths and anomalies. Maybe the quirks are just sparks of uniqueness. Why would we want to eradicate these? As Robin Williams said, “You are only given a tiny spark of madness.”

We can access more self-love by being kind to ourselves, listening to our own needs and being open to more joyful moments. After all, our relationship with ourselves is the longest relationship we will ever have. What if the love and the answers that we are seeking are all inside our hearts and all we need to do is stop?

Be still. Be silent for a moment. Breathe. Listen. Imagine the possibilities.



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Assistant Editor: Brenna Fischer/Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Kenneth Lu/Flickr

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