September 25, 2014

Venus Rising. {Poem}

lover's gaze

Venus Rising

Impromptu dinner for two advances on a secretive feeling

released without hindrance to a modern dance

I have retuned from the pause in time of discontented momentary lapse

of concentration

Described as,

Moving on

I am again
subtlety awake

Lustfully yours

A woman who has eyes
I cannot look away

To not be near you
For lack of touch
I miss your breath

Steal my bed
Bruise my knees
Eat my breath

Feel my touch

Your scent fills my space,

I want you near
I need you here

I am excitedly aware
when she is near

gasping breath
passionate violence
tort flesh
embrace of

divine intimacy


compassionate innocence
in the garden

with the moment
and colourful explanation

of how the rose was born

A loving adherence to
my inner being

releasing in me
a silent yet beautiful sound discovering it all

as Virgins to the crimes of Passion


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Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: wikipedia


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