October 3, 2014

5 Ways to Ignite Your Inner Goddess. ~ Sarah Diedrick

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Tips to tap into your wildly beautiful sexuality and realize that the Goddess is always with you, brewing her magic in all of your delicious flavors.

Goddess energy is all around us: in the changing leaves, wrapped up in the breeze, infused in our daily actions and activities, nestling in our hearts. We, as women, are all goddesses—capable, loving, fierce, strong, soft, courageous, abundant, radiant.

We also experience fear, doubt, pain, heartache.

We are so many qualities and flavors.

Goddess can manifest in a variety of forms but for me, it comes down to our own unique individual feminine energies and how those energies weaves themselves into the fabric of our being and lives. When we can connect to that energy—to those textures of our potential, dreams, sensations, and emotions—we have the chance to create a deeper relationship with ourselves and, in turn, others.

These five tips to ignite your inner goddess are ways to step into your potent power as a divine female and to connect back to those ingredients that make you so delicious.

Whatever the word Goddess means to you, I hope these tips ground you and uplift you into a deeper knowing of your perfect and whole nature. I find that when I engage in these activities with the intention of getting to know myself better, I am filled with inspiration, love and joy. I feel connected to and empowered by all the beautiful women around me. By shining a light on our own beauty we have the power to give permission for another women to radiate her own

1. Rituals

Rituals can be done any time, alone or with other women, and are especially potent during the new and full moons. This is a sacred time to connect deeply with our intentions for the coming weeks. Rituals provide a safe and loving space to release what no longer serves us and invite in what we need. It is a space where we can plant seeds of change and shed what information we no longer require. It is a time to reconnect with who we are: our unique and divine feminine energy, joys, fears, inspirations, doubts, dreams—all of the beautiful threads that weave through the fabric of our being.

2. Goddess myths

You can simply read goddess myths and absorb their juicy, vibrant stories. You can also collect images of goddesses and as you begin to know them and their qualities more intimately, meditate on a goddess depending on what you need that day. For example, if I feel that I need to invite fiery, creative, empowered energy into my day, I would meditate on the image of Kali to begin to stir up those qualities within myself. Sally Kempton’s Awakening Shakti is a great book to start your exploration.

3. Create

As women, we were given the incredible gift of creation. Even if we choose not to, we can all recognize our amazing ability to create and sustain life.

Realizing how crazy powerful we are can be scary but it is also incredibly inspiring because it allows us to remember that we have everything we need to create and be creative. When we have the chance to create we also have the chance to release—release what no longer serves us, release tension, negativity, doubt, fear, shame. We clean off the build up and reveal our truest, brightest, most beautiful selves. We expose our inner goddess and show the world what makes us unique but also what connects us to every other being.

Creativity presents itself in many forms. Draw, move, paint, write, sculpt, play music, sing, design. What does creativity mean to you? Engage in that. If you think you suck at it, do it anyway. Dive into the creative outlet you are drawn to and feel how it melts away any coverings that may be keeping you from

4. Get out in nature

Connecting with Mother Nature, the ultimate goddess, is both rejuvenating and reassuring. If your external world becomes chaotic or messy and you lose sight of your center, look to nature.

Seasons change. Storms surge and cease. Rain pours down one day and the sun shines another.

Leaves die and fall only to bloom with vibrancy and potential the next season. It is important to take the time to observe nature’s patterns and realize that through it all, her beauty remains. We can do the same with our own life’s patterns and currents: observe them and remember that our inner goddess stays with us no matter what. Play in nature, take a walk, lie in the grass, pick flowers.

Ground yourself in your body, trusting the earth and surrendering to her support. Take this feeling and know with confidence that the patterns you experience will also change and you will be fuller and more colorful because of it.

5. Connect with other goddesses

Find a women’s circle in your area, a goddess gathering, a full moon event. Organize a potluck with your best lady friends or a night to connect interactively and creatively.

Lose the phones, technology and gossip.

Connect fully and mindfully. Bring up the goddess myths you’ve been reading about! Join or start a conversation about the Goddess. It is a beautiful feeling to connect with other inspired women and have the chance to share energy with them. It offers a huge dose of connection, inspiration, empowerment and gratitude. Create space to appreciate their divine qualities as well as your own.



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Editor: Renée Picard

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