October 24, 2014

A Map of the Most Over-Represented Job in Each State.

Apparently, you got marital problems, go on over to Sopranosland—New Jersey—plenty of therapists, prices’ll be competitive.

For more: The Most Over-Represented Job in Each State.  (> businessinsider.com)

“These are not the most common jobs in these states—that map would be very boring, since the most common job in 42 states is retail salesperson. Instead, this map shows jobs that are disproportionately concentrated in each state.”

I think California surprised me the most.


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overrepresented jobs state map


The list (in case you can’t read the map):

Alabama: Metal and Plastic Workers

Alaska: Butchers

Arizona: Plasterers

Arkansas: Food Processing Workers

California: Farmworkers

Colorado: Atmospheric and Space Scientists

Connecticut: Actuaries

Delaware: Chemists

Florida: Motorboat Operators

Georgia: Textile Workers

Hawaii: Tour Guides

Idaho: Forestry Technicians

Illinois: Groundkeepers

Indiana: Boilermakers

Iowa: Agricultural Scientists

Kansas: Agricultural Equipment Operators

Kentucky: Miners

Louisiana: Sailors

Maine: Loggers

Maryland: Subway Operators

Massachusetts: Biochemists

Michigan: Model Makers

Minnesota: Food Scientists

Mississippi: Upholsterers

Missouri: Psychiatric Technicians

Montana: Forestry Technicians

Nebraska: Butchers

Nevada: Gaming Supervisors

New Hampshire: Metal and Plastic Workers

New Jersey: Marriage and Family Therapists

New Mexico: Physicists

New York: Fashion Designers

North Carolina: Textile Workers

North Dakota: Oil/Gas Drillers

Ohio: Foundry Casters

Oklahoma: Oil/Gas Drillers

Oregon: Loggers

Pennsylvania: Survey Researchers

Rhode Island: Electronic Engineers

South Carolina: Tire Builders

South Dakota: College Residential Advisers

Tennessee: Conveyor Operators

Texas: Petroleum Engineers

Utah: Forestry Technicians

Vermont: Highway Maintenance Workers

Virginia: Legal Support

Washington: Aircraft Assemblers

Washington DC: Political Scientists

West Virginia: Miners

Wisconsin: Foundry Casters

Wyoming: Oil/Gas Drillers


Relephant bonuses:

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Photo: Business Insider

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