October 31, 2014

I Fell in Love 12 Times Today.

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I have been in love a thousand times.

I cannot count the ones who have loved me from a distance but only smile as I pass them on the street.

I am love.

I dip my fingers into the untouched trenches of stranger’s hearts and lick them with delight devouring each sweet morsel they share with me during daily conversation.

I hold those morsels and keep them in tiny treasure boxes in my mind. I want to explore every person I see, wondering what I will discover.

Naturally they open themselves to me and let it all out, the good, the bad and the ugly. Oh I have heard so much ugly but they usually leave with a smile feeling better having shared.

My love is so big, so deep, so overwhelming I cannot help but fall in love every single day with life, with the amazing world surrounding us, with the stories that each person holds within.

Today I fell in love with an accountant, a guitar maker, a new mom, a dog owner, a newly engaged man, a grandmother, a jewelry maker, a dancer, a three year old, a musician (I fall in love with him every day at least 1000 times), 2 dogs and a little girl with pink hair.

I am love.

I am wonder-struck.

I have wanderlust.

I have lust.

I have heart.

I am gentle.

I am brave.

I am loyal to my tribe.

My heart belongs to the world so anyone who loves me has to understand that I will cry when I see someone else crying. I will reach out when someone needs me. I will extend myself too far sometimes.

If you are the one I’m devoted to then I will love you bigger than the 1000 loves, I will hold you tighter than you have ever been held and I will show you every single day that I choose you.

I am able to do this because I love freely, I love unconditionally and I love solid.

I am love.

Let me dip my fingers into your tender past and taste the grit. Let me place both arms around you and press your heart against my own so we can dance to our combined rhythm. Let me love you.

I am love.


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Author: Shannon Mujica

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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Read 5 comments and reply

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