October 1, 2014

We Suffer because we Want To. ~ Marilyn Metzger


Awakening to our Positive Energy.

We suffer because we want, period.

We suffer because we cling on to hope—hope for a certain situation to arise, hope for people to treat us a certain way, hope for change. The only thing we can really change, though, is our own mind.

If we really think about it, everything in this world—from the smallest one-celled organism to the tallest mountain on earth—is made up of energy. Whether we like it or not, we are affected by this worldly force, this prana that flows within and without.

We catch energy from other people, which is a scary and beautiful thing. We can never really know what people hold inside, and if we are open enough we will most certainly catch their waves. I find that the more I align and open my chakras, the more empathetic I become. The more I find myself associating with negative and indecisive people, the more lost and negative I become. However, the same goes for positive people—those who have goals and wonderful, adventurous spirits filled with love bring happiness to my soul.

The ultimate goal is to find those energies that lift your spirit while letting go of the ones that bring you down.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize who does what for us in the blur of days, minutes and moments. A helpful tool that allows us see this more clearly is mindfulness. Once we start becoming mindful of who we are around when certain feelings arise inside us, we can begin to weed out negativity. Ultimately, we are getting rid of the people that are simply not serving us.

This can become tough, being that some of these negative forces come from our own family, a long time friend or even someone we think is our true love. But the more we play with this negative ball of energy, the harder it is to live the life we are meant to live.

If we continue to mix and mingle with negativity, our life purpose can be lost forever.

No, we don’t have to stop talking to our mom if we get bad vibes from her occasionally, but being aware can help us become less affected by negative energy.

So let’s begin to exhale this negative energy and inhale the positive. Once we cleanse ourselves from of negativity, the positive energy will begin to manifest itself. We are already on our way there! Our life paths may present different roads to walk down, so we must remember to walk where the sun shines.

Think past the physical body and embrace the other beautiful layers we have within us that make up our souls. We are connected to all living beings through energy. Let that thought bring peace to your heart. We may never be able to change the way other people are but we do have complete power over ourselves.

We can put an end to our suffering once and for all when we finally let go of anything that is holding us back from awakening to our true nature.




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