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April 2nd-8th Winners

#1 Cathy Rosenberg $200 Editor's Pick

Khloe’s Leaked Un-Edited Bikini Photo & Why I won’t be “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Anymore.

#2 Janis Isaman $108

When Rejection Trauma Triggers our Childhood Wounds.

#3 Galina Singer $108

There is only One Way to Find Love—Unlearn Everything.

#4 Kathy Bolte $108

Don’t Try to Heal “Daddy Wounds” with Sex: It Doesn’t Work.

#5 Lisa Hawkins $75 Editor's Pick

Why Telling Men to “Get in Touch with their Feelings” is Toxic.

#6 Sarah Draper $75

How Having an Anxious Attachment Style can Make us Emotionally Unavailable.

#7 Lynn Shattuck $75

For Women with Undiagnosed ADHD, this is Our Inner Voice.

#8 Erin Murphy $50

What it Really Means to be Loving.

#9 Annie Grace $50

Why my Wellness Journey was all a Lie.

#10 Keri Mangis $50

The Maiden, the Mother & the Crone: How Shifting Relationship Archetypes changed my Marriage for the Better.

#11 Michael Farrell $50 Editor's Pick

Twin Flames or Toxic Codependency? The Danger of Spiritualizing our Attachments.

#12 Eleonor Youssef $50

13 Clear Signs you Might be Dating Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

#13 Michelle D. Smith $50 Editor's Pick

The Traumatizing Impact of Racism on our Mental Health.

#14 Rich Levesque $50

Lessons in Toxic Love from a Chronic Fixer.

#15 Justice Bartlett $50

Revealing Predation in Modern Relating: Let’s Get Brave Together.

#1 Jenny Neal $50

Reasons I Choose to be a Woman & Not a Womxn.