November 28, 2014

14 Ways to Engage our Sense Organs during Sex.


The senses enable us to have a heightened level of mind-blowing sex.

Vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch are the five human sensory organs that play a vital role in dramatically increasing arousal.

“She lowered her lashes until they almost cuddled her cheeks and slowly raised them again, like a theatre curtain. I was to get to know that trick. That was supposed to make me roll over on my back with all four paws in the air.” ~ Raymond ChandlerThe Big Sleep

We all have sensory cells called receptors, which, when our body experiences something, sends messages to the brain. The brain interprets the information and then, if necessary, sends the message along a nerve to the relevant sensory organ.

Whenever our senses are alerted, our bodies respond accordingly. We can increase the level of information we feed to our brain by focusing on these five sensory organs and figuring out what sends them into this frenzy of heightened activity.

When we use some, or all of our senses during love making, we experience a greater amount of pleasure as we flood our brains with seductive messages. This alters our hormone levels and arouses the body and mind.

When we discover the touch, smells, tastes, sights and sounds that cause us to vibrate internally, we can begin to embark on a whole new level of love making that will enhance and heighten our sex lives dramatically.

When we discover the touch, smells, tastes, sights and sounds that cause us to vibrate internally, we can begin to embark on a whole new level of love making that will enhance and heighten our sex lives dramatically.

Here are a few, although, we can gently play and explore further with all of them, adding more as we discover what works for us.

1. Breath of Fire (Pranayama). This breathing technique oxygenates the blood, which increases desire and elevates sexual energy. Use three minutes to concentrate on inhaling and exhaling in equal measure through the nostrils.

This can be particularly effective at the time of arousal to add intensity to orgasms.

For a gentler version, just focus on letting your partner know what is turning you on by increasing and decreasing the depth of the breath. You don’t need to utter a word, the breathing can be highly erotic in itself and a perfect way to softly guide your partner that whatever they are doing is working.

2. Massage. A half or full body massage can be the perfect remedy for easing the strains of the day and preparing for a night of passion. Start with the hands and wrists for the ultimate sensual experience and then work the hands over the body until they reach more intimate areas to lead into a gradual fore-play.

3. Erotic Touch. Similar to massage but rather than a muscle rub, use a very gentle stroke, oil can be added to the fingertips for heightened pleasure. Focus on the more sensitive areas of the body. The face, neck, nipples, forearms and abdomen are all highly sensitive—focus on them first, then move to the surrounding areas to softly tease.

The feeling of a gentle, smooth caress on the body can be deeply healing, bonding and extremely sensual.

4. Gels, Oils & Lube. A small amount on the fingertips before touching intimate parts gives an entirely different feel to foreplay.

They can be used for both sexes on whatever areas you choose and will enable the fingers and hands to roam smoothly over the whole body for an intense and erotic arousal. Men and women alike masturbate with lubricants and you can opt for scented and flavored ones for added oral pleasure.

5. Aromatherapy. Creating the right smell will stimulate the pituitary gland, which, enhances hormones, increasing passion and sexual arousal. Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Sandalwood are all well known for setting the mood and stimulating our sex drive.

6. The Sacrum (on the female). The vertebrae in the small of the back contain sacral nerves, which, connect directly with the genitals. A gentle massage in this area will build heat in the vagina and electrical stimulation of this nerve can bring most females to orgasm!

7. Fabrics. Whether it’s a PVC dress, a silky negligee, satin sheets or ribbons and cords to tie the limbs, the touch of certain textiles in the bedroom can send temperatures souring. Explore what sends each other wild and then mix and match to create an erotic experience.

8. Food. Mix two of life’s greatest pleasures, food and sex together to create a delicious bedtime treat. Feeding one another strawberries or grapes, or using whipped cream or chocolate to cause a sensational feeling when it is licked of sucked off sensitive areas.

9. Ice. A slightly melted ice cube in the mouth while kissing your partner can be highly erotic, then you can trace the cube down and around the body following the trail with your mouth as you go. Hot and cold sensations can send the senses wild, so play around and find ones that work for both. Ice can also be used, gently, to hold off the female orgasm temporarily to save climaxing too soon.

10. Blindfold. As soon as we take away one of our senses, the others will immediately respond and heighten. Our taste and smell buds will become more alert and this can be the perfect opportunity to add some additional tastes and smells for extra pleasure. Something as simple as a touch of honey placed on strategic parts of the body can work a treat for added arousal.

The sweet taste and smell can lead the blindfolded partner to insatiably search for the areas it has been placed, using only the tongue and sense of smell for guidance.

11. Strip Poker. Before going to the bedroom, bring out a pack of cards and play strip poker to slowly tease, taking off one layer at a time. The change of routine may be stimulation enough to get you both aroused with the added desire of wanting to touch one another’s semi-naked bodies as you slowly undress.

12. Eye Contact. Whether looking into the other’s eyes while touching or kissing parts of the body or using mirrors to reflect the images of your naked movements, this is a sexual fantasy that can increase passion and lead to a heightened arousal for both parties.

Use low lighting and try not to focus too much on the mirror if you feel a little nervous about this at first. Just watch your partner and see how much they are enjoying watching and exploring your body visually and that will be enough to keep the tension turned high.

13. Sound. Low beat reggae music and slow love songs can be the perfect mood-setter in the bedroom. You can alternate the type of music you want to listen to by using a playlist on a phone or laptop. Set the beat slow to begin, then change from fast, to slower beats depending on how you want the session to flow.

We naturally move in time to a beat, so choose a tune which you would both enjoy and that compliments your lovemaking.

14. Candles. They can have a variety of benefits, they set the mood, create a soft relaxing level of light, scented candles add an aroma and the gentle heat can take the edge off a cold room. Candlelight creatings the perfect ambience for a seductive night of passion.

Sensually seducing one another can create to a heightened bonding between couples. As the act of sex becomes more intimate, it is not just about the physical touch but incorporates all the other senses too.

Engaging all of the sense organs during lovemaking provides a great deal of pleasure at the time and the benefits can last for days afterwards.

You may also feel a deep sense of completion and emotional peace as the body and mind are equally nourished and satisfied.

Creating sensual lovemaking also means that the focus is less on the outcome and more on enjoying one another’s bodies in each moment and experiencing the heightened sense of awareness—of the way it feels as each sense is alerted.

The energy that your body creates when heightened sensually will vibrate and, if, both parties are fully present and committed, it will resonate through and can lead to a full tantric, spiritual and mind-altering sexual experience.



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