November 15, 2014

4 Tricks to get Our Bowels Moving.


>>Relephant and obligatory poop humour: A portable biodegradable toilet for outdoor use!? What!?

Being able to poop easily makes the body feel great.

A healthy body should be pooping at least once a day. Whenever I have any struggles in this area, the first thing I do is reach for a hot drink, a few squares of chocolate and a twisty yoga pose.

In no time at all, I’m ready to poop and have accomplished it by doing some of the things I love most!

There are quite a few ways we can assist the pooping process.

Here are a few of my favourites.

I’m not a diet professional, but I am qualified Yoga & Meditation teacher, so thought I’d share what works amazingly for me,and millions of others. If you have any concerns, always see a doctor.

Yoga Seated Spinal Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana).

The seated spinal twist provides relief from constipation and improves digestion. As the internal organs are massaged, toxins in the digestive tract are released and the urinary system is also improved.

Twists not only aid digestion but they also increase flexibility. The seated spinal twist stretches the abdominal area, detoxifies and brings a fresh blood supply to the organs in this region. This twist helps with digestion, assists with absorption and eliminates waste products.

As with most yoga poses wait at least four hours after a large meal and two hours after a small snack. Avoid yoga during the first few days of menstruation and if pregnant. If you have any spine or back trouble or medical concern, consult with a doctor or yoga instructor before performing this pose.

Seated Spinal Twist.

Sit on the floor with both legs extended.

Inhale and draw both knees up close to the chest, with both feet to the floor.

Drop the right knee towards the floor, placing the heel as close to the left sitting bone as you can.

Lift the left knee and cross the left foot over the right knee. Place it on the floor so that the left ankle is close to the right knee.

Try to keep the left knee pointing towards the ceiling.

Place the left hand behind you with the palm of the hand on the floor to stabilize. Inhale slowly and as you exhale bend the right elbow and place it to the outer side of the left knee. Keep the elbow bent, or you can hold on to your toes.

Twist as far to the left as you can, moving from your abdomen.

Allow the head to turn to the left gazing over your shoulder in the same direction of the twist.

Keep both sitting bones on the floor if possible. With full breaths, inhale and exhale approximately five times—longer for more experienced practitioners.

Release the twist, and straighten the legs out in front.

Repeat on other side.

Your body will let you know how far it can twist. Continued practice will increase flexibility.

To make it a little easier, you can keep the bottom leg straight and place both hands on the raised knee while you twist gently.

Dark Chocolate.

A great source of magnesium and just a square or two a day will relax the muscles in your body, especially those in the digestive tract. Organic chocolate contains at least 72% cocoa.

Dark chocolate contains copper, potassium and iron so it has added health benefits. It increases gut motility so also softens stools making them easier to pass. Plus it encourages our brains to release feel good endorphins!

Choosing organic, fair-trade and ethical options is always going to make the chocolate experience taste better!

A few others foods that will also help pooping are:

Fruits, as they are rich in fibre.

Leafy greens such as spinach and kale also provide magnesium and fibre.

Avocados are a natural muscle relaxer.

Prune skin provides fibre and is a natural laxative.

Olives/Olive oil provides a lining for the stomach and also aids digestion.


A body that is well hydrated will much easier flush out waste.

Just one or two hot cups of tea or coffee can be all that is needed to get the bowels moving.

While not everyone likes to have a high intake of tea and coffee, a couple of drinks can help as they are a source of caffeine, which, is a natural laxative.

Senna tea is a natural herbal laxative, which can be used as a substitute if preferred.

Consider where your tea or coffee comes from, as well-sourced options will provide a much more enjoyable and mindful experience. There is a huge range of fair trade and ethical options available in most shops nowadays.

Caffeine can also dehydrate but only if consumed in large quantities.

Ironically, the world’s most expensive tea is fertilised by the poo of pandas and is entirely organic.

Prune juice, avocado juice and coconut juice are also all natural laxitives.


One of the best things about meditating is that it we can do it whenever and wherever we are in the world. There is often a misunderstanding that it should be carried out sitting cross-legged on the floor or in a similar posture but it can be practiced in any place, at any time.

The more we integrate meditation into our daily lives, the more benefit we will receive from it.

So, whether we are in the bathroom, bedroom, workplace or outdoors, there is always an option to take just a few moments out to ease the mind, relax and focus entirely on whatever it is we wish to at that time.

A simple meditation to help with digestion can be carried out in or outside of the bathroom.

Sitting, standing or lying down, begin by relaxing the shoulders. Let go of all tension.

Focus gently on your breathing. Do not change it, just feel inhale and exhale of the breath. Let it naturally occur.

Notice how the body feels as you breath in, then breath out.

Allow thoughts to enter the mind, but let go of them as they do so.

Gently squeeze and let go each part of your body starting from the toes, working the way right up to the head. Hold the tension for a moment and then release.

Feel all the stress and strain removing itself from the body and mind.

Be grateful for all of the sensations that your body feels.

Transition all thoughts of the outer world and focus only on yourself. Your body, your mind, your feelings. Feel how relaxed your body now feels and how steady your mind is.

As and when you feel ready, gently move and open your eyes and notice how refreshed you feel.

And hopefully while we carry out this simple meditation, our body relaxed, prepared itself and is now ready to poop.

There are various tried and tested methods to help the digestion process. I’ve have been fortunate enough to find some enjoyable ones that work perfectly for me! Whenever my body needs a little nudge, I use these gentle methods to help it to function naturally.



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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

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