November 23, 2014

For my Sisters of the Saggy Boob Club.



Your ta-tas are amazing! They’re beautiful and exactly what they need to be.

I might be young, but I realize I have spent too much of my life embarrassed that my knockers don’t stand up all on their own like I see in media (no offense intended to any ladies with natural perk—power to you!).

I’m done feeling embarrassed.

Chick, your sag comes from being blessed with some fabulously large knockers. That’s right, you heard me. While we envy the perk of the smaller ta-tas, they envy the fullness we possess.

I’m tired of seeing the astonished faces when I wear just a blouse out on the town, just because I don’t have ta-tas that can pass unnoticed without a bra. Some tops are made for freedom! It’s sexy, no matter your chest size.

Too often, the jokes my larger-chested friends and I pass around about saggy boobs have negative connotations, and possibly come from some deep-rooted embarrassment about our chests and our bodies.

No more feeling self-conscious when I release them from the constraints of my bra in an intimate moment.

Let’s let them lead the way, in all their glory. They excite our romantic partners, and let’s be honest, probably a lot of others you radiate past. They defy the laws of gravity, and it blows minds. So let’s show them something out of this world, and do so with confidence.

It’s true: they may not be perky like the sister next to you, they may not have a perfectly round curve in your bra (when you wear one, or if you wear one…), and don’t stand firm without a little support in the flowing dress you love. And damn, her smaller, perky ta-tas look fantastic.

And yours sag when you release them from a bra, crease against the skin of your tummy and hang to the side when you lay down.

The sag comes with size ladies, your chest is gloriously full of beauty and greatness.

They’re hot in a T-shirt without a bra too. They point to your toes in the dirt, not the horizontal world around you. There’s side-boob galore in this club, and probably a few stretch marks too. Ooh baby! Isn’t that glorious.

We’re going to forget our bra every damn day if we want to. Maybe we’ll wear a thin lacy one, and they’ll sag a bit and settle somewhere a little lower than our t-shirt intends them too. But hey ladies, they might just be perfect for a cupping hand, and I’m sure there’s more than a few who are happy to lend one.

So more power to the informal brazier style! And heck, on the days that we decide to push them up in the best damn bra in the world, we’ll make Victoria’s Secret wish they had our ta-tas in their magazine.

So let’s be proud! Our saggy boobs boast glory regardless of bra choice.

They’re a shining beacon of our womanly beauty in our individual form. Ready to give life, already giving life, or have given life. That’s their job, and they’ve succeeded with flying colors. Maybe we’ve chosen a different, child-free destiny for them, and that’s beautiful too.

No more red cheeks when we pop a button on our shirt! There should only be laughter at the fact that our ta-tas are so fantastic they’ve accomplished undressing all on their own.

We’re going to laugh at their perfect size: C, D, DD, F—as big (or small) as they are.

We’re going to stand together, proud, along with all the other glorious women who possess magnificent chests of all sizes.

Just like our bodies, our chests are all different, and its time for young and old women to feel confident in their chest, along with their body, no matter what it looks like.

If it’s healthy, you should be happy. Healthy comes in many shapes and forms: it’s skinny, muscular, curvy. Let’s let our pride in our chest resonate through our whole being, making us confident to walk in our skin.

Grapefruits to watermelons, I’m calling all my sisters of the saggy boob club! Answer me: how glorious are your droopy ta-tas? We should all be proud, regardless of how low they go.




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Author: Erin Connery

Editor: Emma Ruffin

Photo: David Thomas/Pixoto

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Read 2 comments and reply

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