November 7, 2014

{Jyotish} Full Moon Wisdom & Creative Ritual for the Waning Moon Cycle.

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*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

Moon is completely full on November 6th at 16:21 CST in Aries and Bharani nakshatra.

The Vishva Devas are enlivened when the Moon is in Purnima, fullness. Creativity, light and expression are available to us in greater capacity.

With the Moon in Bharani nakshatra at this time, Yama brings an element of restraint and containment to us. He is an enforcer- of Natural Law, of right and wrong, of karma. He insists on transformation and brings it to us through his truth. Everyone at some point will have to face the scrutiny of Yama.

He tells it like it is. The harsh realities of life and death. Bharani is therefor considered an Ugra nakshatra- one that is harsh and dreadful. Cutting, executive decisions and abilities are possible, as well as success in destruction and interrupting.

There is a strong element of clearing, destroying and removing with this full Moon. There’s harshness available for taking care of these tasks. The need for removing the old and outworn, all that is creating our malnourishment, is very strong right now.

We are being asked to find a greater sense of balance, while deepening our container, so that we may hold more of the vital nutrients we need for our lives. Our ability to be nourished is directly connected to how much we are willing to remove the old, outworn, unhealthy parts of our lives and work with our shadows.

Libra reminds us that there is a flip side to everything and that we must always look deeply into our own mirror- the mirror of other. Every shadow has a gift and can bring us light. All light, has a shadow and darkness as well. When we are willing to dance with all parts of our being, we come into greater balance and wholeness. This is unity consciousness.

In this cycle, relationships require and request our re-balancing. They can continue to serve as our resource for deep awakening, for looking at our own shadows and darkness, and the places within us where we need to shine more light. Additionally, the resource of creativity brings us more flow, more life, more love and resources, including money.

The pelvis becomes a primary resource once again, so use it as a stabilizing force. And our sense of self, our ego and our ability to resource within our own being, becomes vital in this waning cycle. Embodiment, and listening deeply to the impulses, the messages of our body, is a potent reminder for our path.

The physical body, is where we have the ability to harvest our nourishment and the greatest knowing of our needs. Within the junction point of the physical body and the knowing it provides us, is where the felt senses enliven and our emotional body wisdom can be activated. Get embodied and listen closely to the messages that will be arriving in the coming cycle. Intuition will be strengthened once the planets start passing through Scorpio.

This balancing act, the stability that we are moving into, moving towards at this time, gets transformed, changed and re-imagined as we near the new Moon on the 22nd. For now, create gentle undulations and ride your own waves, by rooting into your depths.

Creative Ritual for the Waning Moon Cycle

As I mentioned above, we are working with a dance of balance during this waning Moon cycle. Balance requires that our various needs, wants and desires- the various parts of ourselves- find some integration, some greater sense of wholeness and equilibrium. Libra represents our “other” half, our mirror.

Our shadows and light, our depth and our surface, our need for communion and separation, our walk with life and death. Extremes, polarities and difference come into view and provoke us, if we choose, to go deeper into our being. Libra reminds us that we are multifaceted, and have more than one side to ourselves. This is our dance for the waning cycle. Working directly with our two halves- perhaps the oppositions within us. This creative ritual is designed to help bring more synergy within us, more balance.

1) Identify a conflict within your life.

What are you aware of within your life that brings up a sense of opposition for you? Maybe it’s staying in a relationship or leaving. Perhaps it’s losing weight, but uncertainty about how to do that. Maybe you want more money in your life, but it feels impossible.

What is the greatest challenge that is present for you right now? Notice how it makes you feel. What sensations in the body arrive when you think of this issue, problem or concern? Where do you feel this arrive in your body? Again, be present to how this problem shows up in your body. Be present to the sensations, body parts, and any imagery that arrives.

2) Create an image of this conflict, this problem, and how it makes you feel, and how your body responds to it.

What colors, textures, images and shapes arrive on the paper? Use craypas for this one, as the solid consistency of this medium will help establish the feelings onto the page. Use your creation process to fully translate this life issue for you. Get messy and wild if you need to! Let your image speak to you. If your drawing could talk, what would it tell you? Take 20 minutes for this.

3) Move your image.

The next step is to get your problem moving, to get the mass of energy that this life problem poses for you, to shape shift and start flowing more. Look at your image and let yourself be attracted to a part of it that interests you or intrigues you.

Perhaps a color, texture, line or shape beckons you. Go there. Then, begin to move this part of your image. Let sounds emerge. Notice the body parts being utilized. Notice the responses in the body as you move and listen for impulses from the body. Let it keep speaking to you and keep following its impulses. Move your image, develop your movements and explore your conflict image through this movement exploration for at least 20 minutes.

4) Harvest from your experience.

What pieces of your personal mythology arrived through your image and movement exploration? What resources did you discover through your image and movement exploration?


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