November 14, 2014

Let it Go.

let it go

For years I struggled with the concept of letting go of small things, insignificant things.

My boyfriend even bought me a ring engraved “let go” (that should tell you something) which, in the loud, universal language of irony, I did do—when I lost it!

Letting go in yoga is easy. It’s just me, my body and mind, my practice.

But I struggled to bring that easy state out of the studio and into everyday life. Until one day I decided to let one thing a day wash over me, as I would in my yoga practice. My days were literally transformed.

I implore you to let one thing go per day.

Just commit to start with one thing a day—it can be the smallest thing like when someone cuts in line at the store.

Then practice this: Breathe. Smile inside. Let it go.

Life is too short for anything else. Why get worked up? Why take it personally? 99% of the time it isn’t about you! So why make it?

People are in a rush, they may not have seen you, they aren’t aware that their actions are taken personally. They may be rushing to pick up their sick child from school, sign divorce papers, running late to a wedding, a funeral or they could just have really bad diarrhea.

Stop judging, you don’t know their story.

It can happen to anyone—t’s not about you. You don’t know their story and you don’t need to know it.

That a**hole who just cut you off? Let it go.

That yoga teacher that ruined your flow. Let it go.

The partner who’s having a bad day and isn’t aware how they’re pulling your energy down. Let it go!

Bad sex? Let it go.

Guy/girl you like didn’t call you back? Let it go.

Boss dropped a sexist comment? Let it go.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

I’m not saying that big issues should be swept under the rug. However, we can let go of those small, daily irritations that we will live more peacefully without.


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Author: Kristina Kardum

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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