November 20, 2014

Soul Mates & Soul Enemies: Exploring our Karmic Partnerships.


It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations. ~ Kahlil Gibran.

When a soul connection is made it is similar to holding up a mirror to our soul. We see in others the reflection of our own soul.

Soul meetings can complement and enhance our lives or they can cause drama and destruction, as we often aren’t ready or willing to view what lies within.

When we experience a soul connection the feeling is often spoke of as de ja vu, like we have met somewhere and sometime before. It can feel like the meeting was written and that it was our destiny or fate. Sometimes it can feel like we recognise this other person, they look familiar and we instantly feel connected to them in some way. It is also possible to experience a deep sense of love at first sight.

It is often believed that we only have one soul mate and this can not only put a lot of pressure on the relationship, but it can also be soul destroying when it ends. However, most likely we will encounter numerous soul connections throughout our lives.

Recognising the type of connections there are and the reasons behind a person entering our lives can help us to grow, heal and also assist us in finding our divine purpose for being alive. This will push us towards becoming the best version of our selves possible.

The bond when we connect with another soul is like a mysterious and magical affinity that can be very difficult to understand. The intensity and magnetic attraction can be profound. We become intrigued, fascinated and addicted. To the good and to the bad.

Especially when it does not end with a happy ever after.

These soul connections can bring us love and happiness when we are united and can feel like our souls are calm, soothed and complete. However, soul connections are very well known for bringing difficulties, challenges, pain and unforgettable trauma.

Regardless of how the relationship is formed, develops or of the outcome, these relationships alert us like no other. They can be short encounters that last for a few years or they can continue for a lifetime. However long they last, they can affect us in a way that nothing else can.

If we try to understand the reasons behind the encounters, it will make it so much easier to figure out the purpose they exist to serve within our spiritual lives.

For as much as we can connect with a mate for our souls, we can also find affinity with an enemy. We may instantly feel a dislike towards someone, yet still find ourselves drawn to them. What starts out as a soul mate can also develop viciously into a soul enemy. These relationships can push us to our limits bringing out sides to us that we never knew existed.

A soul enemy connection is often referred to as a karmic partnership. They present us with many challenges and enable us to learn and grow as the relationship evolves.

Soul enemies can show us our weaknesses, depths and deepest insecurities. The more inner conflicts we have, the higher chance we will attract a soul enemy into our lives.

Sadly, we are more likely to match ourselves with someone who brings to the surface our own issues instead of someone who compliments us. By understanding this and working on our inner battles we will eliminate the possibility of this happening and also refrain from attracting similar connections again.

When a soul enemy pushes our negative buttons, we often look to them as the problem rather than looking within. We can start by asking ourselves why we are accepting this, why are we allowing someone to treat us in this way and why are we justifying their unacceptable behaviours.

A soul connection does not give someone the right to cause us suffering and heartache. We also need to step away from blaming the other person. We are allowing this, whatever we accept, we will get.

We all have shadows and we must first evaluate, assess and take responsibility for our own thoughts, actions and behaviours, before we attract healthy connections into our lives. Setting and keeping healthy boundaries for ourselves will send out a clear message that we are not willing to accept negative behaviours.

When we drop all expectations and illusions that a soul connection should be the image of perfection, then we can start to see the whole relationship with greater clarity.

We should not put our soul mate connections on a pedestal. They will also bring conflict and they will make us feel uncomfortable at times. These are the times when we need to look towards ourselves for the answers and find out the deeper reasons behind whatever is causing a reaction.

Soul connections can come in all forms. Recognition, awareness and acceptance are the keys to understanding why the paths have crossed and also help us to clearly see the reason that these meetings resonate so deeply within our souls.


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