November 5, 2014

Switch the “Me” to “We.” {Poem}

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call it prayer
call it metta
call it grace
call it… manners

you don’t need a pew
don’t need a cushion
don’t need beads or a preacher

“thank” and “you”
all the difference two words can make
not to mention “hello”

all comes down to paying attention
all comes down to compassion
this basic consideration… of others
switch the “me” to “we” before the word matter

every face deserving of a read
every voice an ear
every set of eyes a lock
every life a witness
the finish line is for all

share the merit
say your rosary
give thanks
do unto others
salute the sun
drop to your knees

at ease
at ease
at ease
for the benefit of all





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Author: Susan Currie

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own

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