November 4, 2014

Who am I to Write the Script?


susan currie nov 4 for article

so what does the day have planned, I ask

finally, at its dimming

speak to me

for who am I to write the script
block the scenes
direct every act
most of which i fail to inhabit

I don’t recall a coronation

who am I to snatch up all the pieces
when two players roam the field

what makes me think I can neglect the opponent
corral the current
I question this now
when at last some clarity

how I fell for the illusion
decade after decade
circles in the harbor

but, just now…
just now the gate has come unlatched
and through its passage a clearing

have I been here before?

I yield to your move
we take turns
why of course

should you speak to me now I just might hear you
come again?


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Author: Susan Currie

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author 

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