December 28, 2014

5 Ways to Get in Touch with Nature (Without Going ‘Au Naturel’).

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There is no way we can quantify the aesthetic and tangible benefits offered by nature.

After all, our very survival depends on the benefits that nature provides for free, everyday and everywhere. We rely on ecosystems such as forests and coral reefs for clean water, fertile soils, food, fuel, storm protection, minerals and flood control.

Here are five ways to get in touch with nature without getting naked:

1. Look up.

When was the last time you looked up at the sky and admired the sun, moon, clouds or stars? Imagine what you might look like from way up there? Project yourself as looking down from above—as high and as far as your imagination allows, perhaps even into outer space.

I would see myself as a spark of dust. When I see in the mind’s eye how earth supports billions of people, I cannot but marvel at life as we know it.

2. Look down.

Or more specifically, at the point where your body connects with the ground. Visualise roots coming from the bottom of your feet all the way down to the centre of earth. Connecting with earth is important in order to remain grounded and calm. You may wish to kick off your shoes and get some barefoot time.

3. Look around.

Go for a walk around the neighbourhood. If there is no obvious nature where you live, head towards where there is some, such as a park, or pond. If nature is too far, look around for signs of life—be it in the form of a sparrow perched on your window ledge, your neighbour’s pot of mint leaves or the odd tree near the pedestrian crossing. There is life all around us. Pause, look and savour the beauty of life.

4. Look inside.

Maybe outdoors is not your thing. How about indoors? When you turn on the tap next, think about where this water in your basin came from. When was the last time you played with water? When you next shower, focus on how the water feels against your skin and appreciate how nature cleans, rejuvenates and replenishes you.

5. Look online.

Might there be more ways to reconnect with nature? We can search for meditation videos with sights and sounds from nature. There are places to physically go with some online research and planning. And then there are new things to try out in nature—hiking, bird watching, gardening, sun bathing, and the like.

All we need to do is decide on what to do next.

Getting in touch with nature does not take much time or effort. The next tilt of your head and the shift in focus will transport you there. Enjoy!



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Author: Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Editor: Renee Picard

Image: Vanda Mesiarikova at Flickr 

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