December 4, 2014

Jon Stewart on the Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision: “I honestly don’t know what to say.”

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Once again, we’ve received news that there will be no indictment against the officer who killed Eric Garner—and this time there is video evidence.

“I’d just like to know what a cop WOULD have to do to get indicted—and what good are cop cameras since Eric Garner IS on tape?” ~ Bill Maher


Jon Stewart also took to the issue on his show last night:


Comments from Reddit:

“Choke hold used is against NYPD policy. Coroner ruled death was a homicide. Garner was suspected of selling cigarettes, but none were found on him. Everything was caught on video. No indictment.”

“The Post printed this morning that the NYPD will be wearing on-body cameras sooner than expected. But I guess that doesn’t f&cking matter because you can kill someone on tape and it’s still totally fine.”

“NYPD could literally kill the President (sup NSA) and face zero consequences.”

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Read 8 comments and reply

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