One weird mindful thing that I do that no one else does.

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Nothing hotter than zero waste, baby.

To-Go Cups: needless waste.

What if America changed its ways, slowed down, enjoyed life fully, spared the planet and our health? Begin with something small:  

I never, ever use a to-go cup. Okay, that may not be weird–others do this–but it’s weird enough that, sadly, millions of bleached paper (bad for watershed, life) plastic-lined (bad for you, not compostable ever) to go cups and plastic lids (recycling plastic isn’t eco) get used every month in the US alone, let alone the world.

How to do this, if you want to do this too.

Of course, you expect me to say bring a to-go cup with you, always. I don’t. But if you do, bring a porcelain mug or stainless steel to go cup, or an old-fashion Ball or Mason Jar in a piece of cloth to protect it for heat. You can use the stripes from an old tube sock, it’s cool ;).

I don’t usually bring a cup with me, unless I’m traveling or going to the farmers’ market. Instead, I always ask for-here. Even if we’re running off in a minute, I ask for-here and just get an espresso, which cools quickly and is easy and quick to drink.

That’s it! Benefits: environment, health, almost never having to empty my trash.

PS: compostable is much better but not eco, at all. Still tons of shipping, manufacturing, and carbon involved.

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Waylon Lewis, founder of elephant magazine, now elephantjournal.com & host of Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, is a 1st generation American Buddhist “Dharma Brat." Voted #1 in U.S. on twitter for #green two years running, Changemaker & Eco Ambassador by Treehugger, Green Hero by Discovery’s Planet Green, Best (!) Shameless Self-Promoter at Westword's Web Awards, Prominent Buddhist by Shambhala Sun, & 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness 2011 by "Greatist", Waylon is a mediocre climber, lazy yogi, 365-day bicycle commuter & best friend to Redford (his rescue hound). His aim: to bring the good news re: "the mindful life" beyond the choir & to all those who didn't know they gave a care. elephantjournal.com | His first book, Things I would like to do with You, is now available.


4 Responses to “One weird mindful thing that I do that no one else does.”

  1. Ambika Adams says:

    Great photo! Yes, this is a very mindful practice. I love Elephant Journal! Thank you for “being” here.

  2. A Johnson says:

    That's a great way to be more conscious.

  3. Michaela says:

    This is great, than you so much for being so mindful! I try to do the same, and you motivate me to be more consequent from now on.

    Working for an airline, I was most shocked about the amount of waste generated on each flight. I also try to encourage passengers to reuse their plastic cups during the flight. And to my delight, it's catching on!

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