January 26, 2015

25 Powerful Mantras For Not Giving A F*ck. {Adult Language}

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Warning: Sooo many f-bombs ahead

Building on my article Rules For Not Giving A Fuck here are some of the most powerful mantras I use when I need to shift my thinking and stop sweating the small stuff.

Although the F word is not always openly welcomed when spoken out loud, we can think whatever the hell we want—it’s the one place that no one has access to.

And if we’re brutally honest, do we have any free fucks available for someone who judges us for saying the F word aloud? Especially if it’s at a time when we really need to say it.

Not that we need convincing, but studies have shown that those who use swear words are, generally speaking more honest, have better psychological and physical health, suffer less pain, are more humorous, and are more powerful as they stand up for themselves more.

So, as some people actually gave enough fucks to study the use of these words, we should pay them the respect that is due and appreciate it as another reason for having no fucks to give about using whatever words we choose, whenever we need or want to.

And apart from anything else sometimes the F word is the only one strong enough to really get a grip on those rambling, pointless and irritating thoughts that frankly, need to be told to get the fuck out of our heads—for good.

So, here are some of my absolute favourite Fuck It mantras:

1. Today, absolutely no fucks will be given, not one.

2. Fucks? Zero.

3. Still searching for a fuck to give.

4. One? Half? A Fraction of a fuck?

5. Nope, still can’t find a single fuck.

6. I’ve used up all my fucks on this already.

7. I tried, but can’t find one good reason—so no fuck will be given.

8. Stop confusing me with someone who actually gives a fuck.

9. This is my “no fucks to give” face.

10. I meant to give a fuck, I just forgot.

11. I almost gave a fuck.

12. I just have no fucks to waste.

13. If only I had a spare fuck to give.

14. If I had a spare fuck, I still wouldn’t give it.

15. Don’t take offense, I just don’t have any fucks to offer.

16. I’m not sure if you understand, I just couldn’t give a fuck.

17. Find me a fuck and I’ll give it.

18. Adding it to my jar of unwarranted fucks.

19. Seven billion people on the planet  and not one person cares that I gave no fucks.

20. I used to give out loads of fucks, but each one was wasted.

21. Before I couldn’t care less, now I don’t give a fuck.

22. I have no regrets for all the fucks I never gave.

23. And on this day, not a single fuck was given.

24. No fucks were given. And I lived happily ever after.

25. The last fuck has just been given.



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This isn’t a Bucket List, it’s a F*ck It List.

Bonus: Buddhist tips for living life.

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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

Apprentice Editor: Katarina Tavčar / Editor: Travis May

Photo: 55Laney69 on Flickr

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Read 14 comments and reply

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