January 23, 2015

Do this Instead of being Positive when Everything Falls Apart.


*warning: Adult language ahead.

How to still be positive when everything falls apart.

Don’t be. F*ck it. You’re a mess. You’re a wreck. Just be that for a while.

And remember that this is just a day. And it may be one of many.

It will change.

Even the longest of tunnels have light eventually and the darkest of clouds only hide the sun, not destroy it.

You are okay.

You are okay.

No. You’re not listening.

You. Are. Okay!

Just like that. Riddled with pain and weighed down with regret. You. Are. Okay.

You are not a failure. You are not less than. It’s not that you’re “not good enough.” You are not defined by your mistakes.

You’re just a mess. A snotty, angry, grizzling mess.

Some of the most interesting and attractive people I know are a sh*t storm of a mess.

You’re okay.

But when you’re done being a pile of tears, and you may take as long as you need, grit your teeth, clench your fists, tilt your head back and scream to the moon:

“I’m not done yet!”

Because you are wonderful. You are not perfect and you nor anyone else should ever expect you to be. But you are worthy.

You are worthy of kindness. You are worthy of peace. You are worthy of love.

It will be okay. It’s going to be a hell of a ride and you are going to feel pain. But you’re also going to feel happiness and joy like you couldn’t imagine. You will love again and you will wonder why you never knew it could be this good.

You will get lost and find home.

You will break and you will heal.

You will not have to carry this weight with you forever.

You will skip one day and think that you are the luckiest person in the world.

You will lose people and you will find people.

You will win fights and lose fights. But you’ll always keep on fighting.

You will not have all these worries in your mind forever.

Today won’t even be a memory one day.

You will be happy.

I promise.

It’s all going to be okay.

You’re going to be okay.

But for now, take this tissue. I like your mess.

Because you’re most beautiful when you’re not trying.


Top 10 things to do when your life has gone to sh*t:


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Author: Andy Charnington

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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Stacey Nov 25, 2015 5:49am

Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful words! Also enjoyed the video Waylon. Coming from a pre school perspective life is like a great big bear hunt so as in the song “. . . You can’t go under it you can’t go over it, must go through it.” Sometimes the bear is not as scary as you imagined in your head. Sometimes the bear is made larger by your fear.

rblkelly Aug 11, 2015 11:41am

oh for the love of shit thank you for letting me cry a little bit more, haha!! aaaagggghhhhh…… I think this will be printed and taped inside of the Fuck It Bucket for me and my kids to pull out and unfold sometimes, then secure back neatly until the next time its needed.

James Rustler May 26, 2015 10:34am

As somebody who is “falling apart,” I can’t see how anybody could possibly be moved by what amounts to a pile of empty platitudes.

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